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Julie Depardieu is a French actress, best known for her roles in such films as “Long Engagement” and “Rush Hour 3”.
Julie Marion Depardieu was born on June 18, 1973 in Paris, France, in the family of the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu and actress Elizabeth Depardieu. She had her own older brother Guillaume, who died in 2008 as a result of an aggravation of an old disease, and also has a half-brother, Jean, and Roxanne’s half-sister.
Young Julie never wanted to become an actress, as she often confessed in her interviews, and after school she began to study philosophy. But soon the genes played a role, and in 1994 her debut on the big screen in the military drama on the novel by Honore Balzac “Colonel Schaber” took place.
It was followed by roles in the fantastic thriller “The Machine”, the tragicomedy “Midnight Exam”, the fantastic drama “Probably”, the drama “Love Me”, the thriller “Sand Merchants”, the melodrama “Sentimental Fates”, the comedy “30 Years”, the drama “U The last line “, the melodrama” Two women in Paris “, the biographical drama” Zayde, little revenge “, the melodrama” God is big, I’m small “, the drama” Free Fall “, the melodrama” Lily’s Baby “, the drama” The Song of Fools “, the melodrama” Half Board “, the comedy” Podium “, the military drama” Long Engagement “, the comedy” I’m at your service “, the melodrama” Milady “.
In recent years, the actress could be seen in the comedy “Fever”, the sports drama “The One That Remains”, the melodrama “The Art of Beautifully Parting”, the drama “With All Respect to You”, the melodrama “Successful Chance”, the drama “The Passenger” The melodrama “You and I”, the comedy “All for me”, the historical drama “Fidel is guilty”, the comedy “Poltergey”, the drama “Witnesses”, the crime comedy “Rush hour 3”, the military drama “Family mystery”, comedy “Cowboy” , The military drama “Agent Agents”, the comedy “Once Upon a Time in Versailles”, the drama “Bal actresses”, the comedy “Invisible Woman”, the melodrama “Wedding Cake”, the comedy “Marriage of Three”, the melodrama “The Art of Love”, comedy “I – no-land, thriller “Property”, comedy “Free exchange”, drama “Yellow-eyed crocodiles”, comedy “Farewell Bouquet”, musical comedy “Opium”.
In addition, Depardieu participated in the filming of such series as “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “Cesar’s Night”, “Everybody Says”, “The Forbidden Zone”, “Can not please everyone”, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, “Active Resurrection” , “He does not lie”, “The Damned Kings”, “They and I”, “The Age of Maupassant. Stories and stories of the XIX century. ”
Julie is married to the famous French pop singer Philippe Catherine, the couple have two sons – Billy and Alfred.

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