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British rock band formed in 1976 in Salford, greater Manchester.
Joy Division were an English rock band formed in 1976 in Salford, greater Manchester. One of the founders of Postbank. Disbanded in may 1980 after the suicide of lead singer and songwriter Ian Curtis. The remaining members of the band a few months later formed the band New Order.
Despite the discreet success and the release of only two albums during its existence, Joy Division is considered one of the most memorable, innovative and influential bands of their time. Many people consider Joy Division gloomy and depressed, which denied the musicians and their acquaintances.
Group creation was inspired by a concert of the Sex Pistols July 20, 1976 in Manchester. After this concert Bernard Sumner (eng. Bernard Sumner, aka Albrecht — Bernard Albrecht, he’s Dicken — Bernard Dicken and Bernard Albrecht aka-Dicken), and Peter hook up with friend Terry Mason founded Joy Division. Sumner bought a guitar, hook purchased a bass guitar and Mason’s drums. The ad was found vocalist Ian Curtis . Curtis was familiar with the band’s previous concerts, and also, with his wife Deborah, attended the concert of the Sex Pistols. The first (unofficial) the name of the band, just appeared on flayrah was Stiff Kittens.
Mason was not a capable drummer, left the group before the first concert to be her Manager. Before the first gig on 29 may 1977 the group took the name Warsaw. On 18 July 1977 the band recorded The Warsaw demo Demo.
After change of several drummers in the composition, a permanent member of the band was Stephen Morris, who responded, as well as Curtis, the ad in the window of a music store. It’s a little “metronomic” playing style resembled the style more of a Kraut-rock than punk-rock.
In 1977, in order to avoid conflicts with the London-based group Warsaw Pakt, Warsaw changed their name to Joy Division (Russian. division of entertainment). This name is taken from the novel “a Doll’s house” (author: Israeli writer Kazetnik 135633) 1955, and it refers to the Jewish women, forcibly used in Nazi concentration camps as sex slaves. The ensuing accusations of neo-Nazism group is always categorically rejected.
Rob Gretton was the Manager of the group in may 1978. It will play an important role for the groups Joy Division and New Order in the coming decades.
In early 1979 the band began to attract the attention of the public. Curtis appeared on the cover of the magazine New Musical Express. Joy Division recorded in January-radio session at the famous radio DJ John peel aired in February. March 4, 1979, they played the opening act for The Cure at club “Marquee Club” in London.
In 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures, the producer of which became Martin Hannet . In the same year the group toured, appeared on television, and in December again played a session from John peel on BBC radio.
The Unknown Pleasures album sold well but the band was not the best way. Curtis suffered from epilepsy, and he regularly had fits, including on stage.
In January 1980 Joy Division went on a European tour. Some concerts had to be cancelled due to the state of health of Curtis. With the same producer, Martin Hanneton, in March the band started to record their second album, Closer.
April 8, at the concert in “Derby Hall” in Bury, Joy Division had to start without Curtis, whose condition has deteriorated. After a few songs with other vocalists, and a short appearance of Curtis on stage, the audience began to protest which resulted in riots and the fight with the participation of some musicians and stagehands.
In may, after a single concert earlier in the month, the group rested before the tour in America. At this time the relations of Curtis to his wife Deborah has worsened, in particular due to the relations of Curtis and took Annick Honor, whom he met during the tour.
It is reported that on 18 may 1980, Curtis looked at his home in Macclesfield, alone, a film by Werner Herzog “Strozek” about a man who committed suicide and listened to the debut album of Iggy Pop “The Idiot”. On this day, Curtis hanged himself in the kitchen, and was discovered the next day, his wife.
After the collapse
In the summer of 1980 single “Love Will Tear Us Apart” rose to the charts in 13th place. In July, the album Closer, which received positive reviews and climbed to 6th place in the UK charts album.
The group decided long ago that if one of them leaves the team or is unable to act, then Joy Division would cease to exist. However, in 1980 the band had not broken up immediately. The remaining members of Joy Division went on tour and recorded new material. Subsequently, the group ceased to exist as Joy Division and reformed into New Order. The style has changed from postpunk to synth-pop, electronics and dance music.
The Influence Of Joy Division
Joy Division and Ian Curtis influenced many groups and musicians, among them U2, The Smashing Pumpkins, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Robert Smith (The Cure). The value of Joy Divison illustrates the selection of the best holiday songs of all time (all time Festive 50), compiled by John peel on the British radio on the eve of change tysyacheletia the results of the voting audience. In the first place was the song “Atmosphere”, the third “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, and three Joy Division songs in the top 50.

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