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“Johnny cash was a biblical figure. He was like a priest, one of those old and cool. He was a hero, which can be found in westerns. He was a giant. And unlike others, he never lost his altitude. I don’t think that’s ever gonna be anybody like him”
Chris Christofferson
Map In Black. The man in black. Will Smith in a Tux and a ridiculous alien – I bet nine out of ten of my current readers would think about it. And I’m the tenth. No flash, erase the memory did not work with my brain. And with your brains it also did nothing – we simply just wasn’t there in the 60s or 70s. Or rather, was – just in other bodies, with the skin and eyes a different color. We sat on the veranda in Illinois, opened up the Windows in Arizona, crowded at receiver in West Berlin and listened to this magical, slightly husky voice. And his beats, from the discreet breath we feel good. Now, when we lost the old memory again climbed into a new body, it seems, enough for one song to remember all this.
Let’s start with the… the end. Won’t pretend that may at once recall the ‘ 60s, or that well versed in country seventy years of exposure. Go from that corner we could catch.
So, in 2003, johnny cash makes a video for the song “Hurt” – a cover of Nine Inch Nails. 9 years before johnny releases the clips. He sings about pain, and even the name – “Hurt” means hurt. About the pain he knows firsthand – he is 72 and he has diabetes. The British music magazine NME almost immediately recognizes video “best video of all time.” In the video, he and his wife, country and folk singer June Carter. In the clip they shot for the last time after 4 month of June will not be. Johnny will survive her for a few months. Already sick, he will be able to see the victory of their video nominations: “best cinematography in a video”. Then “Hurt” another six times nominated in the MTV Video Music Awards.
He dies September 12, 2003, in Nevelskoy hospital in Tennessee. Then they say that the Cache died from diabetes. It’s not true. The cache just spent my June at the sky, missing her slightly forward. As befits a man, he made the worldly Affairs. And then, one day, the Cache saw a lone rider crossing the plain and he took his soul in the blink of an eye, faster than a shooting rifle would mention the river Shin.
After his death, “Hurt” became even more popular. He received Grammy awards, Country Music Television recognized the video the best video of the year and Country Music Association – single of the year. Country Music Television this was not enough and the clip was called “the Greatest cover of all time” and “Most memorable videos”. This premium “horn of plenty” was scudetti, giving finally “Hurt” a place in the top five “most important clips” on MySpace.
Johnny, like a real star, after the death of “faded away” gradually. His last final feature of life was the film “walk the line” about the relationship with June. The film received three “Golden globe” and “Oscar”. Another such feature was post-mortem, “closing the album American VI: Ain’t No Grave”. It was released by Rick Rubin to the 78th anniversary of johnny, in February 2011, Criticism well received album, calling it a worthy completion of the series. Perhaps this was the final finale of creativity johnny cash, in his life he found himself in two national Halls of Fame – country and rock-n-roll.
The whole ball of 1,500 songs, 50 million records, ten Grammy awards and numerous other awards, we will try to go back to the cotton fields of Arkansas, where the family farmers ray and Carrie’s Cache of his childhood. We can easily imagine the Cache and in the beginning – that he is exhausted by severe pneumonia and neurosis, but still infinitely alive takes the stage and humbly says: “Hello. I — Johnny Cash”.
This phrase, he opened all his concerts. Sang John always seems to. By the end of school, his songs have already aired on KLCN – local radio. When he had finished his studies in 1950, he went to Detroit and arranged at the factory, Pontiac, and when war breaks out in Korea – recruited in the air force. He is trained in Texas where he met his first wife, Vivian Liberto. Serves as a Cache in Germany, in Landsberg, there will organize the first musical project – The Landsberg Barbarians. In 1954, he leaves the service and served in Memphis, is married and is recorded in radioscopy, to learn from the speaker. Evenings are busy country with friends and introductions on radio station KWEM. Along the way, johnny is going around the Sun label, and in 1955 it still bugged. Truth Christian music gospel, to which all my life seemed like a Cache, Sam Phillips is not impressive. He advises John to change the repertoire and the name is johnny (the Cache says it is “boyish”, but still agrees). A couple of months he releases a double single, “Cry Cry Cry”/ “Hey Porter”. The single takes off on a 14 country chart and the traditional charts kept for more than a year. The second single, “Folsom Prison Blues”, falls in the top five. Completes the business of a third shot – this time, country hit “Walk the Line” 6 weeks had stood on the top.
In the late 50s johnny cash creates a recognizable image of the “man in black” appeared on the show the Grand Ole Opry in black clothes, in defiance of the then country fashion. In 1957 on Sun Records label comes the first longplay Cache “Johnny Cash With His Hot and Blue Guitar”, and then eclipsed “Walk the Line” single, “Ballad of a Teenage Queen”. Following this success, the Cache leaves Sun Records – because of the long-standing dispute about the gospel and the difference of views on the amount of cache, which ought to kick johnny.
The cache is transferred “under the wing” and Columbia released the prologue to LP The Fabulous Johnny Cash – single, All Over Again a place in the top five in the United States. The turn of the 60’s brings him a resounding popularity. With it comes great creative freedom, johnny finally releases a gospel CD “Hymns by Johnny Cash”, which, though not acquires great fame. Duo the Tennessee Two filled up by drummer W. S. Hollandом.
1958. The popularity is gaining momentum, the Tennessee Three gives up to 300 performances per year. Johnny cash, exhausted by this rhythm, for the first time “cheers” yourself amfetaminil.
In 1961, johnny cash was still on the crest of fame. He’s thirty. He’s a total drug addict.
After another year or so the popularity is on the decline, it becomes less hits, and more problems. Jimmy breaks the relationship with his wife, conflicts with police and even set fire to some forest. Then he runs to new York.
The cache tries to get the wife of his companion, June. The text “Ring of Fire” again “pulls” johnny in country chart. Understand Your Man – his new single – once again becomes a country hit single “number one” and “I Walk The Line” the first country chart. Which is full of creative hopes caught at the border with Mexico in El Paso carrying amphetamines in his guitar. The cache managed to stick her toe and in the toe lay four hundred pills. The scandal could be hushed up, but at the Grand Ole Opry he was shown the door. Johnny trashes the ramp in their Studio.
In 1966 he throws Vivian. Angry Cache went to Nashville. Pull it again June, citing the Christian Church. 1967 – a turning point in his career. It again “twist” on the radio, and songs Jackson and Rosanna’s Going Wild get into the charts. Goes out and a new disk was awarded his first Grammy. During one show in 1968, the Cache offers Carter to marry him. Their marriage will last until death.
1968 – the peak of the career of the Cache. He plays in front of prisoners, and it releases the popular album “Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison” and the single “Folsom Prison Blues”. Disk becomes gold, and the single brings Grammy award for country vocal. Goes out and a new live album “Johnny Cash at San Quentin” top-hit “A Boy Named Sue” – the most successful track in Caseway career. It brings cache to the second line of the pop charts. Records Cache in the US, more popular than even the Beatles discs.
In the late 60s cooperated with him Bob Dylan, recording his country-rock “Nashville Skyline”, and when Cache appears, The Johnny Cash Show on ABC, Dylan participates in its first release. The next couple of years, John is mainly occupied with his show, in between speaking with John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra. At the request of the Cache plays Nixon in the White House.
The Cache also starred in the movie “The Gunfight” with kirk Douglas, and collaborating with film studios. His music sounds like 35 tapes. The campaign for the protection of the Indians and convicts bring him the respect of society, and the hit singles “Sunday Morning Coming Down”, “Man in Black” and “Flesh and Blood” provide success until 1975, when a career is on the decline.
Johnny published autobiography “Man in Black”, whose popularity in the added hits of “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”, “There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang” and “One Piece at a Time” provides him some popularity .
In 1980 he was admitted to country music Hall of Fame. He’s 48 years old. He was the youngest country singer to be awarded this honor. This, and even collective album “The Survivors” the recent success of the Cache in the eighties.
Attempts to correct the situation creating the Highwaymen – unsuccessful. Problems with the search for a new label, support, radio stations. Rescue only concerts that draw on the artistry and disarming sincerity. States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Eastern Europe and even Vietnam – is your road map Cache.
1992 and a new wave of success. Increased sales of new album The Highwaymen, signed a contract with Rick Rubin and American Recordings. Acoustic minimalism of the new collection, operable only with a guitar, hit and critics and younger listeners. Rock, country, rockabilly-experiments, folk – all of it manages to combine the Cache. An additional success to bring covers-interpretation of waits, Kristofferson and Cohen.
New album, “the Road Goes on Forever” and the album “Unchained” is successful, and a collection of Grammy – replenished. Some success has “final” box set of three CDs and acoustic-series American. In 2001, Bush gives John the National medal of arts, and the organizers of the Grammy awards later – the award for best vocals in the single “Give My Love to Rose”. The seventy-year milestone johnny meets on the crest of success, with the woman and a heap of awards, and although in the last clip he sings about pain, this is a worthy finale.
Don’t know why, but the Cache – haired, successful musician to me as a child running through a wheat field in Arkansas. On the edge of the wheat, of a tall tree I can see a vague figure, and someone quoted:
“Go, tell this liar with a long tongue,
Go and tell that midnight rider,
The tramp, the cheat, the gossip,
Tell them that they all go under God”
And then, somewhere in the far end of the field, and maybe the sky a voice: “Hello. I — Johnny Cash”.

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