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Jean-Paul Belmondo

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Jean-Paul Belmondo was born in 1933 in the suburbs of Paris – Neuilly-sur-Seine. His father Paul Belmondo was a famous sculptor and professor of Fine Arts.
Jean-Paul was a naughty child and extravagant. He constantly get into fights and trouble. No one knew his family – which wants a son, it seemed that it and most do not bother own destiny. The decision to become an actor Belmondo accepted spontaneously, but finally and due to this young man began to learn from the head of theater studio Reymond Zhirira. In 1951, Belmondo Zhirir successfully prepared to enter the drama school. The debut of Jean-Paul took place in the play “Medea”. After working with theater director Jean Anui and successful role in “Medea”, Belmondo participated in director George Neva production of “Over the Sea” (1953).
In the movie Belmondo came in 1957, starring in the movie “The foot, horseback and by car” with Jean-Pierre Cassel. However, before the presentation of the picture all the scenes were cut from Belmondo. But a year after kinoneudachi Belmondo starred in the Italian-French comedy Marcel Carnet “Cheaters”. “Cheaters” have been shown in Europe, USA and Japan. But remember Jean-Paul on the picture Brand Allegra “Be beautiful and shut up”, which appears in the company Belmondo Alain Delon (1958). A year later, Jean-Paul starred in the film adaptation of the novel by American writer Stanley Ellin film “Double Turn” (1959). Director of the film was made by one of the founders of the “new wave” – Claude Chabrol. “Double povort” was shown at the Venice Film Festival and won the award for Best Actress (Medley Robinson).
Also in 1959 comes second picture with Belmondo “Breathless”. The film directed by 29-year-old Jean-Luc Gadar is already a well-known and popular figure for French youth. Low-budget film becomes a real “bomb” and is highly appreciated by audiences and critics. The work was awarded the prize of the Berlin Film Festival and a number of European film awards. Belmondo as directed by Jean-Luc Ghadar become the property of the “new” French. Over the next 10 years, Belmondo was withdrawn in light comedy films. In 1963, thirty years behind Belmondo was 30 films. In the same year, the actor wrote an autobiography called “30 years and 25 films,” and became the head of the French actors union. By this time he was ten years old he is married and has three children (!). After 13 years of family life Belmondo divorces his wife, dancer Patricia and indulges in all serious. Endless succession of mistresses Belmondo no one condemns. On the other hand, it seems to glory “smoothie” Belmondo gives more charm and piquancy.
Since the 70s, the script specially written for Jean-Paul. No longer is selected directors, and he chooses them. As no Belmondo kinoakademiki selected for awards, and he himself decides to take him to the award or not. This happened with Cesar Award (1989), when Belmondo wanted to reward for his role in Claude Lelouch’s “darling of fortune”, he declined the award, citing refusal by the fact that once upon a time the author Cesar offended Belmondo sculptor. Since the two thousandth, the actor was rarely “do not want to be flying Granddaddy” – confessed to Jean-Paul intrusive press. In 2008, after seven years Belmondo starred in the film “A man and his dog.” On his divorce from third wife Natty actor announced shortly before the premiere.

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