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Jaguar. Predatory cat – one of the most mysterious representatives of the cat family. The ancient Mayans considered it a symbol of the power of the gods. “Spread the skin of a jaguar – they said – and you see all the stars of the universe.”

The elusive, like a ghost night, the jaguar – an animal on the trail which goes the legend.

Hunters Brazil believed that this predator has a powerful hypnosis, and the Indians are confident that he is able to imitate the cries of birds and animals, so he lures his prey.

In our world, there are places that awaken in us a profound sense of the wild world of the spirit. On the ground, there are still corners where nature is preserved in its original integrity. Where laws dictate those silnee.yaguar – the animal, which goes on the trail of a legend in these areas of Central America and the north of Argentina, the jaguar lives – big cat, predator single ..

Jaguar belongs to the family cat, and also as the tiger and the lion belongs to the genus panther (Panthera) and takes the third place in size. Predator weighs up to 120 kg (naturally registered a record – 158 kg.), And a body length of 120-190 cm plus almost meter tail -. Sizes impressive.

Very little is known of attacks on people of this animal, most often it was provoked by man. Naturalists, explorers, zoologists believe that a predator rather curious than aggressive.

Jaguar – cat freestyle, she needed a wild expanse.

In the language of a South American Indian people, the Quechua word jaguar (yahuar) denote various homonyms to the “blood” of the word.

It could be a person belonging to a noble caste (blood) relatives and so on. D. On Guarini this word meant “the beast that sheds blood, kills one leap.”

Thanks to its powerful jaws jaguar, cat of prey, able to crack even a tortoise shell. Excellent Polovtsian, he catches up with the victim, even as she tries to find salvation in the water. There are cases when a jaguar attacked the sleeping alligators.

But the basic method of a night hunter lone – an ambush on a tree. Eyewitnesses claim that a predator will never catches up with animals, who noticed it and prefer to flee.

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