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Beautiful vampire Jasper from the popular Twilight film saga, actor Jackson Rathbone, captured the hearts of many millions of girls around the world. And he wants to conquer film critics and play any role in the film of his idol Clint Eastwood, even if “food is served”.

short biography
Monroe Jackson Rathbone 5th born December 21, 1984 in Singapore. Thanks to his father, Monroe Jackson Rathbone 4th, who worked for one of the famous oil companies, the family pretty traveled the world: Indonesia, England, Norway. As a result, the family settled in the US state of Texas, the town of Midland. Jackson studied at the Interlochen Academy of Art in Michigan. When the young man turned 17, he considered himself a boyfriend lost to society. The academy was a company of six guys, including Jackson, who was called “Lost Boys” / “Lost Boys”. This nickname was given to them by the administration of the Academy, as the guys constantly rebelled against the rules instituted at the school. The reasons for this behavior now can not really be understood, but then Jackson did his first tattoo in the lower abdomen: “I am lost …” / “I’m lost …”.

After graduation, Jackson Rathbone planned to enter the Scottish Royal Academy, but instead went to Los Angeles to try himself in the cinema, and ended up at Disney Studios. He received the role of Nicholas Fiske in the TV series “Glorious Roles”, which premiered in the fall of 2005. Also, the young actor starred in the TV series “Lonely Heart” and “Near the house.” After these works, Jackson headed the various ratings of youth publications as the most attractive young man, “hot thing”, “heartbreaker.”

The adoration of viewers, mostly spectators, around the world brought Jackson Rathbone the role of the vampire Jasper Hale in the film Twilight, as well as in the continuation of this vampire thriller. In between filming on television and in film the actor likes to make music, compose, sing and produce. Jackson plays the guitar and harmonica.

Together with his friends Jerad Anderson and Ben Graupner, the actor organized the group “100 Monkeys” and played in it. The first time Jackson kissed a girl at the age of 13 – it happened while watching the epochal Titanic. After some 15 years in July 2012, the young actor became a father. He and his girlfriend, Sheila Hafsadi, had a son, who, according to the tradition of the Rathbone family, was named Monroe Jackson Rathbone 6th. Sheila is a burlesque dancer whom Jackson met during the tour of his band 100 Monkeys, which he left for, as they say, the birth of a child. A young man thinks about love in the following way: “Lust tastes like tequila, and love like whiskey, the taste of which lasts longer, it warms you from the inside and sometimes makes you do stupid things. And tequila is just exhausting. ”

A fan of Bob Dylan, actor Jackson Rathbone writes poetry and claims that if he leaves the acting profession, he will be a rock musician and may become even happier, as waiting for a worthwhile role is much harder than playing his own music for a group of fans. He considers his family to be the ideal place in the world, and she is rather big: parents, three sisters, beloved woman and son. Dining with his family is an incomparable pleasure for him.

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