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Walter Jack Palance (the birth of Vladimir Ivanovich Palagnyuk; February 18, 1919 – November 10, 2006) – American actor of Ukrainian descent.
Jack Palance has been recognized as an actor of the genre of westerns and was nominated for “Oscar” as early as the 1950s, but only won in 1992 for her role in the comedy “City Slickers.” There was also a laureate of the “Golden Globe” and “Emmy.”
Vladimir Palagnyuk born February 18, 1919 (according to other sources, February 18, 1920) in the city of Latimer Mines, Pennsylvania, the son of Ukrainian immigrants who moved to the US from Austria-Hungary: Ivan Palagnyuk, the native village of Ivan-Gold Ternopil region, Gramyak and Anna, a native of the city. Father Vladimir worked as a miner and died of lung cancer.
Like his father, Vladimir spent some time working in a coal mine – and the young man could expect the same fate as his father. But the sport has helped Vladimir won the domestic football championship of the University of North Carolina – and the success of the talented young man thrown into a professional sport. At the end of the 30s, Vladimir begins career as a professional boxer under the pseudonym Jack Bratstso – and achieves significant gains in heavy weight category. According to some unconfirmed reports, he broke the record of the time with 15 continuous wins in a row, 12 of which were produced by a knockout at the end of the 4th round. During one match, Jack gets hit in the Adam’s apple, after which up to his death he remained hoarseness in his voice. All those fights were the fastest unofficial, as official statistics registered only punching a 4-round bout Jack, which he lost on points to Joe Baxi December 17, 1940 in New York.
With the outbreak of the Second World War, he graduated from the boxing career and enrolled in the US Air force, where, during a training flight on the bomber «B-24» his plane caught fire. Vladimir was able to escape by parachute, but received burns to the face. After treatment and a few plastic surgeries Vladimir Palagnyuk again involved in hostilities, received awards and was discharged in 1944.
Taking advantage of the benefits for war veterans, Vladimir goes to Stanford University in the faculty of acting. During his studies he did for a living, laboring in restaurants, working as a security guard, a model.
After graduating in 1947, he worked for some time as a reporter in the newspaper The San Francisco Chronicle and on the radio. The first acting work Jack – on Broadway next to the famous American actor Marlon Brando in the play “A Streetcar Named” Desire “.” Eventually Jack played a famous role – Stanley Kowalski. Already becoming an actor, Vladimir changed his name to Walter Jack Palance (Eng. Walter Jack Palance).
Debut on the screen was his criminal role in the film “Panic in the streets” (eng. Panic in the Streets, 1950). Most of his roles – the harsh and violent criminals (what possessed his hoarse voice and face the consequences of a burn), although in private life, Jack was a gentle man and fond of art and poetry. Jack Palance also worked for some time in Europe, which took the opportunity to perform a more pleasant and humane role, which was not used to the American audience. The role that he played the best in European cinema – a role in the film “Contempt” (Fr. Le Mépris.).
Jack Palance regretted that most of the roles they played were negative characters he spoke quite critical about his work in Hollywood, calling the majority of his films, “garbage”, and directors – incompetent. Jack always liked comedy, and it was for her role in the comedy film “City Slickers” (eng. City Slickers) he receives “Oscar” in 1992. During the presentation of the “Oscar” He remembered that before he was called Vladimir. And also I wanted to show that there is still life in the old dog yet, squeeze four times on one hand. Taking advantage of the latest comedy movie fame and bravura and extraordinary behavior during the awards ceremony, Jack Palance starred in several other television comedy.
In April 2004, during the week of “Russian Nights” (festival of Russian culture) in Los Angeles, Jack Palance refused the honorary award of the festival (the statuette “Tatlin’s Tower”) noting that it is – a Ukrainian and has nothing to do with the Russian cinema. During the ceremony, Jack said, embarrassed that he had the impression that if the festival is for any error, adding that he believes the Russian movie interesting. Shortly after the actor left the buffet festival with his wife, saying: “I am – a Ukrainian, not Russian, so sorry, I’m just a little out of place. It would be better if my friends and I just uydёm here. ” Invitation and rewarding Pelansa was probably a mistake to festival organizers, who did not take into account the fact that parents Pelansa lived in Austria-Hungary (but not in the Russian Empire), and Russian cultural environment they had minimal effect.
Oscar, 1992
Winner: Best Supporting Actor ( “City Slickers”)
Golden Globe Awards, 1992
Winner: Best Supporting Actor ( “City Slickers”)
Oscar 1954
Nominations: Best Supporting Actor ( “Shane”)
Oscar 1953
Nominations: Best Supporting Actor ( “Sudden Fear”)

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