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Jack Daniels is a brand of whisky, which is one of the bestsellers in the world of alcoholic beverages. The drink is made from 80% corn, 12% rye and 8% barley on the basis of pure spring water and in the end contains about 40% alcohol.
It is produced from 1875 in the Eastern United States in Lynchburg (Lychburg), Tennessee (Tennessee) at the distillery, founded Jack Daniel’s (Jack Daniel’s).
Jack Daniels is one of the brands of Tennessee whiskey. Whiskey filtering occurs through charcoal American maple. This process, unique to create a whiskey of Tennessee and is known as the process of Lincoln, named in honor of the city where you originally poured Jack Daniel’s.
The process of filtration with charcoal gives a special soft taste and aroma. The process of Lincoln is the only technical difference between Tennessee whiskey and Bourbon. The distinction was officially recognized in 1941 by the us government.
What and how to drink Jack Daniels?
For whiskey connoisseurs recommend drinking whisky with ice as an aperitif, before the meal. Drinking with a meal does not allow to fully appreciate the taste and aroma of the drink.
Popular variants of use:
Jack Daniels with Cola and ice;
Whiskey with chilled Apple juice.
As snacks are often used lemon. Also drink used in cocktails. There is no specific recipe how to drink, or that drink. Importantly, the use of whiskey gave You pleasure and pleasant emotions.
If You know of other recipes use it, please share with us and the Motherland will not forget You, and your users will thank you
The history of whiskey Jack Daniel’s
Distillery Jack Daniel’s was the first registered distillery in the United States and is the oldest distillery in the USA that produce whiskey.
Jack moved the distillery close to his place of birth, when a special plot of land near the town of Lynchburg was free. This area is perfect for whiskey production due to the presence of spring water, a large number of raw materials and constant supply of sugar maple.
Original Jack Daniel bottled his whiskey in jugs, as usual, was at the time. However, he wrote to stencil his name on the jugs. When in the late 1870 became fashionable glass bottle, whiskey began to pour in the standard round glass bottle with embossed inscription with the name of the distillery. In 1895 Jack Daniel revealed the unique design of the square bottle, which distinguishes it from other whiskeys. It was the shape of the bottle, which is used for whiskey of Jack Daniel’s to this day.
In 1904, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 whiskey in the international competition awarded gold medal. It was the only whiskey which was awarded gold medal.
As to the origin of the name Old No.7, legendary. Some say it had to do with a good party dice, while others claim that the name is associated with the seventh a good recipe, but both theories have not received confirmation.
Old No. 7 is available in 130 countries. In 1988, Jack RAR made the whiskey for a new recipe. Whiskey was mitigated by charcoal twice. The first time before bottling in oak barrels, and again four years later, before the whiskey will be bottled. Double mitigation gives the whisky is very smooth and elegant character.

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