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American comedian, actor, who performed in vaudeville, on radio and television and starred in the movie.
Jack benny is one of the leading American artists of the twentieth century and the most famous of his images were comically stingy miser. On stage, benny insisted that he was 39 years old, regardless of your real age, and often played the violin – with a horrifying embarrassment, but actually was a very experienced musician. He had the ability to provoke laughter of the audience is already only one pause or aptly. His radio and television programmes broadcast with a 30-x 60-e years, enjoyed great popularity nationwide and has had an enormous influence on the formation of the comic genre in General.
His real name is Benjamin Kubelsky (Benjamin Kubelsky), born 14 Feb 1894 in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois) and grew up in nearby Waigani (Waukegan, Illinois). His parents were Jewish immigrants, his father came to the United States (United States) from Poland (Poland) and his mother emigrated from Lithuania (Lithuania). Benny was six years old when he started playing the violin, instrumente, which later became his trademark. Parents, of course, hoping that benny will be a famous classical violinist, but a boy who loved the violin, hated to do.
At the age of 14 he was earning money, speaking at local dances, and played in the school orchestra. From school benny shirk and soon he was expelled. At the age of 17 he had landed the opportunity to perform in local vaudeville, which he started doing for $ 7.5 a week. In 1911, benny was playing in the same theater as the young comedians the Marx brothers (Marx Brothers) whose mother Minnie (Minnie Marx) was so fascinated by the musical talent benny invited him to be their permanent accompanist. Parents are not allowed 17-year-old boy to go on tour, but it was the beginning of his long friendship with Zeppo Marx (Zeppo Marx). Future artist’s wife Mary Livingston (Mary Livingstone) was a distant relative of the Marx.
The following year, benny changed his name and began performing as a Duo with pianist Cora Salisbury (Cora Salisbury), and when Salisbury left the show – Estuary Wudam (Lyman Wood). Gradually, they began to add to the representation elements of Comedy, and one show turned into a Revue. Making a brief interruption for service in the U.S. Navy, benny returned to the stage as a comedian, and then as a musician. In 1927, he married Sadie marks (Sadie Marks), born comedic actress, acting under the name Mary Livingston. They had a daughter Joan (Joan). With 1926, benny has performed on Broadway (Broadway), a year later he signed a 5-year contract with the company ‘MGM’ and in 1929 made her film debut. The artist released a few good films, including ‘Broadway melody of 1936’ (Broadway Melody of 1936), ‘the horn blows at midnight’ (The Horn Blows at Midnight, 1945) and ‘George Washington slept here (George Washington Slept Here, 1942), but his true calling was radio.
The radio program which was called ‘Jack benny’ (The Jack Benny Program), published from 1932 to 1948 on NBC and from 1949 to 1955 on CBS, one of the most popular programs on American radio, turned
Benny artist on a national scale. The television version of the program, which totals 931 episode came out between 1950 and 1965 and only added to his popularity – listeners turned viewers learned that in addition to verbal talent, Jack benny has a lively facial expressions and elaborate gestures. Early in his career he invented for the room, but then he began to work with a group of writers, which for many years has not changed, and with it moved from radio to television.
After his TV career ended, benny returned to the stage and began to perform in front of a live audience with the comic numbers, from time to time appearing in various television shows as a guest star. In October 1974 he was forced to cancel a speech in Dallas (Dallas, Texas) due to the illness, but further examination showed that benny inoperable pancreatic cancer. He spent
last days at home, saying goodbye to friends and family, and died 26 Dec 1974, age 80

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