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The worst nightmares – it’s at the intersection of dreams and reality, mystical nebyli. They do not leave the oppressive feeling that there is something wrong, even if nothing special happens like. This subconscious anxiety seriously enough to impress the picture on the screen – all the same games and movies are already formed, in contrast to the same literature, where the reader’s imagination can think out any sort of horror.
But Inside is obtained.
And much better than that of Limbo.
In homes have eyes
After the success of Limbo of Playdead Danes have decided to leave the structure of the genre and the next project the same. Inside – too gloomy platformer puzzle about a boy who is fleeing from the evil forces and solve physical puzzles. Even the theme here, at first glance, raised similar.
But this is only the outer shell. Inside the game Limbo is quite different. Inside – a journey far more integral and exciting, and the heavy thoughts after yourself leaves the order of magnitude greater.
Remember the scene in “The Beginning”, where the character DiCaprio told his protégé about the intricacies of creating “scenes” for artificial sleep? People never remember how ended up in the beginning of the dream, it just begins. Here the protagonist Inside appears out of nowhere – just jumps out of the bushes in the forest. Around – faded desert landscapes, abandoned farms, mountains of corpses of cattle. And not a soul, not counting soldiers, loaded into trucks contents scattered in the woods strange capsules. Get used, uncomfortable feeling of loss will put pressure on you the whole game.
Soon, the boy gets to town. Let him, but on the main square of the column flow limply shuffling people acting as one. Their movements watched armed guards if they get caught in the eyes, the hero of the end. Long does not have to be lost in conjectures. All these people are zombified, and at the very beginning of the game boy found the device by means of which they can be controlled.
At the same time for the weak-willed puppets calmly observe ordinary citizens with children in their arms. And you know – their indifference frightens pohlesche giant spider from Limbo.
Inside uncomfortable dystopia generally depresses not less than shabby streets of City 17. Subordinate Big Brother does not skimp on the assault and shooting. “Fault” zombie instantly rudely dragged away behind the scenes. A foreign devastation and desolation are combined with the benefits of technological progress.
The world Inside quite phantasmagoric, it consists of contradictions and repulsive details. Everything here is rejection, but … After all of the most bizarre and disgusting things most difficult to look away, is not it?
Only the first hour we spend in the urban scenery. Further action is transferred to a completely different place to start to happen … strange things. In order not to spoil the impression, except to say that “the owls are not what they seem,” and that if you are expecting from the Inside of the classic story about the struggle with the system, then you are waiting for surprises. Disgusting, shocking surprises. Surprises final level “Cloverfield, 10 ‘or the main plot turn,” Cabin in the woods. ”
Throughout the game you will not hear or read a word, but the integrity and harmony of the story is in no way affected. The story is revealed gradually through the events, environments and gameplay itself, slowly and stumbling in the rhythm of the narrative.
Sagging happens even puzzles – they are simple just enough to get you to move the convolutions, but do not stay longer than a couple of minutes. The game does not ruin the magic too impenetrable tests, does not give the player to emerge from his stringy uncomfortable atmosphere and gently leads to a roundabout. The Inside always clear what to do next and where to go.
As part of the puzzle in Playdead all seen significant progress. In Limbo interaction with the world, for the most part reduced to a tedious dragging boxes and yanking levers. On similar puzzle game quickly run out of steam before entertaining puzzles with gravity, many do not reach. Now, developers are much less likely to strike in the copy itself. Inside all the way with ease experimenting with new mechanics, and quite successfully.
Simple but addictive puzzle game with zombies running evoke The Swapper, only there’s no gun cloning. Minutes to give us forty-submersible to study the extensive underwater locations, and at the same time begins attraction «SOMA for the little ones.” At one of the sites on a regular basis the level of “clears” a powerful shock wave, and the boy has to calculate their actions so that to keep pace run from cover to cover.
And in the last half hour … Remember the shocking surprises, huh? Inside maintains interest and suspense different, sometimes not the most humane ways. This is one of those rare cases when feelings of stress throughout the game goes hand in hand with genuine curiosity, but not exhausting, but instead spurs.
Crates and leverage here, of course, too much, but they played with much more interesting. Also built on the old ideas on the game tasks are distributed uniformly, and unnecessarily long to engage the same is not necessary.
From Limbo game and took over an important, powerful but not particularly pleasant artistic technique. For Inside punishes mistakes as severely and even disgusting. Cracking and smacking flesh quickly etched in my memory and make shiver, so all actions that require quick response, instinctively try to correctly perform at least so as not to see what is fraught for the misfire hero. Especially considering that we play all the same for the child.
Indie games that claim to semantic depth, often skewing towards storytelling, making it easier to rudimentary gameplay. Inside it manages to maintain a delicate balance – this is a very high quality platformer that is remembered not only the history, atmosphere and art design, but also directly to the game situation.
Nothing new in the genre of the game does not say, but it is possible (and really should) close your eyes – Inside the already beautiful. This whole work, rather than an abstract set of puzzles, united by a common idea and style.
After keeping a tight rein on until the end, terminates the Inside – not in mid-sentence, but rather on the last syllable. Dramatically reduces the grip and leaves staring at the final credits, restoring the breath knocked down, and trying to understand what the hell just happened. The unequivocal answer you still can not find, but that’s the beauty of the story. Or a nightmare.
After all dreams come to an end too abruptly.

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