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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

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Such words as a prequel, a sequel and a remake of today is no surprise. And let the fashion for the continuation, “before continuing,” and asked Hollywood restarts, and the first time these formats have appeared in movies, they found its reflection in the computer games.
Examples abound, but for now we will focus on just one such game that came out recently – Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. In fact Blackbird Interactive strategy is a prequel to the very first part of Homeworld, published in 1999, recounts how the inhabitants of the planet Kharak able to go into space and build a mother ship.
In this review we will try to find out how well the “Desert Kharak” copes with its task and how to play at all (terrible to imagine!) The land Homeworld.
Battlefield – Kharak
For those familiar with the series Homeworld only by hearsay, I spend a little history of the game world. The plot revolves around the first part of the inhabitants are dying planet Kharak that with becoming emptier and emptier every year.
It would seem that the apocalypse is near, but the residents of a sudden there is hope for salvation – in the depths of the Great Desert scanner detects an object “Dzharaki”, which is the key to saving kharakiantsev. As a result, the entire population of the planet is united to build a ship and successfully copes with its purpose. From that moment, in fact, begins first project in the universe of Homeworld.
As for the news, the story “Desert Kharak” sheds light on the earlier of the first part of the event and talks about how the expedition Rachel C-Jet was looking for the most “Dzharaki” in the Great Desert, along the way fighting religious fanatics Gaalsen.
Drawing rollers prior to each mission in the game, it looks just fine.
The plot of the new Deserts of Kharak surprise, for obvious reasons, is not able to, so developers of Blackbird Interactive had no choice but to make a bet on the gameplay.
Apparently, so they decided anything fundamentally in the gameplay does not change, and leave it at that. Adjusted for that action takes place on the surface, not in an open space.
Due to the change of surroundings greater freedom of maneuver such as in the earlier parts of the series, in the Deserts of Kharak not. And if before the disposal of the player was an open space, and he could move the units in any direction: forward, backward, up and down, now can say with complete justification, that a series of mimic usual average RTS.
Although, in fact, the developers have tried to make the fight as much as possible similar to the previous parts. Location army plays a crucial role in the battles, and sometimes a group of rail cannon, located on a hill, can greatly help in the battle.
During a sandstorm it is difficult to discern anything, even a player with a bird’s-eye view. And it is not reproach – sandy surroundings creation Blackbird Interactive positioned as one of its main features.
But no, even the steepest rail gun can not be compared with a huge transporter “Kapes”, which then combines the role of military bases and the unit simultaneously.
The fact that in some Faster Than Light, in the Deserts of Kharak an opportunity to redistribute power between the four combat vehicle systems: it is possible to put it on the reactive armor (increase of maximum strength of the housing), the repair system (recovery of damage to the machine), the network turrets (includes working guns) and to increase the range of the system (increases power sensors and destruction zone).
And if between these systems properly distribute energy, the output can get a real killing machine that can determine the outcome of the battle.
The only negative “Kapes” – warship very slow and clumsy, and therefore to the place of battle, he will go for a long time.
In all other respects the novelty played as typical the RTS: build earners, collect resources, study the technology, build steeper units … And, of course, fulfill the goals that from mission to mission, though different, but not much: usually the player you want something defend or, conversely, to destroy.
As a result, the expedition kharakianskoy not have to deal with a very interesting routine, which is partially offset by easily performed missions.
One of the original chips, inherited the new part of the legacy of ancestors – the so-called “permanent” forces that go along with the player from mission to mission. And if, say, they are destroyed, they will not return. Therefore it is impossible to live here one mission and have to think ahead.
However, to do this it would be easy and relaxed (new Homeworld is a snap), if not one “but.” Due to the same type of locations, has a mission through the brains begin to boil from the very “boring” environment, in which normally navigate difficult.
Fortunately, in the Deserts of Kharak at any time you can switch to a more convenient schematic mini-map, which is here called “sensor control panel.” could not leave the menu, but the bright blue eyes get tired as much of the sad sands of the Great Desert kharakianskoy.
But the campaign – is not the only entertainment available in the new part of Homeworld. The choice is also available in multiplayer mode. And if with a “skirmish” everything is very clear, to “Firefight” mode, you need to stay more.
In it six (or fewer, it all depends on the selected cards) the players are trying to protect their careers, simultaneously capturing the artifacts appear on the map. But the winner is the one who captures the first five (or more, their number is adjusted before the match) artifacts.
And multiplayer – a good chance to play for Gaalsen. And the difference between a crazy religious fanatics and the Coalition significant: first, unlike the second, can build units on a production cruiser and not tied only to its heavy-handed transport ship. The appearance of which, incidentally, in the multiplayer mode can be adjusted at will – it is possible even in a glamorous pink paint!
At the very beginning on the start screen Deserts of Kharak welcomes Player logo Unity engine, so could not help sneaking some vague suspicions.
And really – with the optimization of the game visible anticipated problems: stable 60 the FPS, even though not the most modern (but we must pay tribute, not bad) graphics, to keep the new part of Homeworld can not, even if the computer on which it runs, satisfies the the recommended system requirements.
To draw the same type of vast deserts game requires Intel Core i7-950, 8GB of RAM and a graphics card of GeForce GTX 770 or higher.
And the graphics look “good” exactly to the moment, until you decide to “overturn” the camera to the ground. The only thing the new Homeworld not take away: watching as the cars effectively bounce on nizkodetalizirovannyh dunes, is a pleasure.
When viewed as a whole, in front of us – the usual RTS, which severely lacks originality. At the time, the first Homeworld surprised player this “three-dimensionality”, while to the Deserts of Kharak such things have not rolled: the developers have lowered his creation from the heavens from outer space to Earth Kharak and turned it into a usual average real-time strategy, of which in the gaming industry and so full of.
However, fans of the original Homeworld prequel definitely will like and they will be happy to learn more about the events preceding the first part of the classic.
Everyone else I recommend to go first Homeworld: Remastered Collection, and only then, if desired, have to take on Deserts of Kharak. Otherwise, you run the risk to spoil your impression about the entire series as a whole.
Verdict: unremarkable prequel to the popular space RTS, which can only recommend the faithful fans of the series.

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