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Henry Fonda – a prominent Hollywood actor, winner of the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for best actor in the movie “On Golden Pond.” Twice nominated for an “Oscar” for his work in the film “The Grapes of Wrath” and “12 Angry Men”. Winner of Honor “Oscar”. Also known for the painting “The Wrong Man”, “Once Upon a Time in the West” and others. The father of actor Peter Fonda and actress Jane Fonda, Grandpa movie star Bridget Fonda.
Henry Janes Foundation was born May 16, 1905 in the American city of Grand Island, Nebraska. His father earned by writing advertisements on a piecework basis. Later, Sr. Foundation became the owner of a small printing workshop. In the teenage years, Henry in sports: in particular, swimming, jogging, skating. He was a shy young man with a keen sense of justice. The future actor dreamed of becoming a journalist and writer, to share with the public their observations and lynch the prejudices of the present. In high school, Henry worked in a telephone company, and after school fulfilled dream and enrolled in the University of Minnesota at the Faculty of Journalism. However, soon settled in the newly student credit card company Retail Credit Company, and left his studies.
Acting break Henry Fonda stepped casually. His mother was a friend of the mother of the legendary Marlon Brando – Dorothy. When Henry was twenty years, Dorothy, who led the amateur theater troupe, invited high good-looking young man to participate in the play. Work on the theater stage in the production of “You and I” led to the delight of the debutant: Fund loved the theater and began to actively participate in the activities of the studio. In admiration of Henry stayed and the audience – the young man has shown an undeniable dramatic talent. Three years later, the Foundation has decided to devote himself to acting craft. He left his job at the credit card company and went to tour the country, appearing in one, then in another theater production. At rehearsals, he met with the actress Margaret Sullavan and at the age of twenty-six he married her. Unfortunately, the marriage soon fell apart, but the former spouses remain friends.
After the “creative wanderings” Fund finally settled in Hollywood, where he began to play on Broadway. At first, he had to endure the lack of money and lack of work, however, he gradually gained recognition audiences and colleagues. In 1935 there was a breakthrough in his career Funds: the performance “The farmer marries”, where the actor played the lead role, have shifted to the screen, and Henry for the first time invited to the shooting. Clear eyes, open smile, strength and confidence in the movements allowed him to transform into the hero of the ideal by which missed the American society. The Foundation is actively engaged in film career, starring in films “Way Down East” (1935), “I dream too much” (1935), “The path lonely pine” (1936). Finally, he declared the rising Hollywood star.
In 1937, 32-year-old Henry married Frances Seymour Brokaw. The couple had a son and a daughter – Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda, who later became well-known actors. Henry secured his position in Hollywood Olympus, appeared in successful films “Spawn of the North” (1938), “Let us live” (1939), “Young Mr. Lincoln” (1939). In 1940, 35-year-old actor received the first “Oscar” for his work on the classic film “The Grapes of Wrath”, where he played Tom Joad – the former prisoner, who returned to the family ranch after serving his term. He found his home in ruins and began to raise a family with his knees. This picture has immortalized the name of Henry Fonda in the history of world cinema. Later, he got the lead roles in such blockbusters as “You belong to me,” “The Fugitive,” “Long Night”, “Fort Apache,” “12 Angry Men,” “The Longest Day,” “Sex and the Single Girl,” etc. .

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