Hearthstone: League of Explorers widescreen wallpapers

Hearthstone: League of Explorers

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Explorers’ League hearthstone – a 3 campaign, which is designed for one player, and during the game it is possible to open 45 cards. Explorers’ League hearthstone passage consists of 4 parts, the cost of opening each worth 429 rubles. In each part you will fight with two bosses, who are endowed with different strengths and abilities. Besides the usual games against the bosses, there is an additional mini-games in which you need to pass a variety of traps and obstacles and survive. Bosses in Heroic have more power and as a reward for completing this level, you get a unique shirt for cards.
The first part of Temple Orsisa consists of Zinaar, Plunderer Faeriks. Escape from the Temple. Second part: Uldaman consists of: Chief Skarvash, Trolley, Archaedas. The third part: the destruction of the city is composed of: Lord slippery spear Great fin Lady Naz’jar. The fourth part: Explorers Hall consists of: Steel Hour, The Great Thief Rafa, Rafa Invincible.
Zinaar very strong boss constantly throughout the game, he is very aggressive and will cause you significant damage by a fury of wind, but in its usual beat is not difficult mode. Against this boss is an effective strategy to fast-busting cards. For example, rogue class can be used against him or Sap disappearance. If in this time Zinaara hand is full, it will be easy to lose the card, you are very profitable.
Plunderer Faeriks – second boss Temple Orsisa, his strength sun Blessing. While the boss is the rod of the Sun, it is urgently necessary to destroy. To do this, you have Shadow Word: Pain, and The Mad Alchemist. As soon as he will be under your control, you need to close the opportunity to regain his boss, for this close it provocateurs.
Escape from the temple – a 3 stage pass Orsisa Temple. Here your task is to survive for as long as the counter “moves to the Rescue” will be 0. This is not the boss of their cards and he does not gain at the beginning of the game. The temple, using the power of the hero, causes and effects of different creatures against you. This game is unusual because here you do not need to fight with the enemy, and you just need to go through a few moves. The boss does not even have health indicators, you just need to kill them caused creatures and survive. Normal mode is not complicated and you can easily pass it, but if you will have any difficulties, you need to take in the deck destroy the card, the card of healing and provocateurs. The Heroic pass obstacles more difficult, so there needs to be a set of mapping tools and very powerful pack.

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