Hearthstone: Goblins Vs. Gnomes Pictures

Hearthstone: Goblins Vs. Gnomes

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Goblins and Gnomes
Changes in the appendix “The goblins and gnomes”
Maps from this set can only be used in a free game format (single game, Arena, adventure and some fights). Maps of this supplement taken from the store, but you can create them from dust Arcane.
We are introducing a new addition to Hearthstone – «goblins and dwarves!” You are waiting for new cards, a variety of unique creatures and limitless variety of playing styles. Gnomes creative, cunning goblins. Decide who you closer, and forward invent new destructive strategy, challenge friends and defeat the enemies!
explosive experiments
In addition, “The goblins and gnomes” appears more than 120 new cards, which can be made to buy or win. Finally you will be able to answer the question-busy for centuries the best minds of Azeroth: which is better – a thoughtful eccentricity dwarves or goblins recklessness, their carelessness in the handling of flammable materials and explosive inventions .. And you can control the mechanical wonders created by the dwarves and goblins? and bring down the enemy on the power of their weapons!
Gnomes: These are natural mechanics and inventors create a truly amazing device. But sometimes these little geniuses themselves happen to be too clever by half. The main goal of each gnome – to create new wonders of technology, mechanical robots, ray raznovsyacheskie vintovki.Mehanizmy: and goblins and gnomes adore something tinkering. This can be anything from the different wind-mates managed to massive shredders. All of these designs are collectively referred to as “mechanisms”. Most of them have some twist at which it is clear who made them: goblins or gnomy.Gobliny: thanks to its irresistible craving for inventions and fearlessness in the face of explosions and accidents goblins deservedly earned the glory of the best engineers. To them the world owes such outstanding creations as flame cannon and heavenly golem. And by the way, they explode like nothing less than to build. Ask them vzryvomagov and bomber!
Shalim? And we’ll see!
In addition, “Goblins and Gnomes” in the Hearthstone will observer mode. You will be able, together with friends to watch the progress of explosive fights, daring tactical moves to assess and celebrate victories. If any of your friends started the game and allow other players to watch its progress (by default, the observer is enabled), you can immediately follow the fight.

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