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Harp seal

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In the waters of the Arctic Ocean lives harp seal. In this harsh climate, the ice and snow, it feels very good. The fat layer, it saves you from wind and frost and perfectly waterproof fur repels water. Seals born swimmers, and in cold water it very comfortably. The water seal stronger and more nimble than on ice. Harp seal is distinguished by its fur, silver-colored, with a distinctive spot on the back, in the form of “black wings”. Harp seals live on the ice, but most prefer to spend time in the water, hunting for fish, or simply swimming and diving.
Harp seal – amazing mammal detachment pinnipeds, a family of seals. Weight had considerable – 150 kg, body length -. 160 -195 cm It feeds on fish, but during the breeding season, do not eat anything. Living “fasting” and lactating females, then they period, very strong, shed weight.
The courtship period begins with the urge of the male and female attraction to him. If the female is not ready for courtship, and it can bite annoying male. However, this happens only during gestation and lactation cub. The female seal a “good mother”, only during feeding, about 12 days, then she begins to forget the baby, and eventually, all floats away, leaving him to fend for themselves. But while she feeds him, she takes care of and protects it. Milk in her 12 times fatter cow, baby milk in such a nutrient gaining weight by 2 kg per day. Living females in a large ice floe colonies away from bears and males. This “female dorm” are scandals and even fights.
Female seals will only accept your baby, and someone else can hurt, so females together, fights happen. Males are involved only in the process of reproduction, then they are ring-fenced and are lazy and measured way of life, to the life of females and their young, do not show any interest. Males are a bit cowardly, but during the breeding season, filled with fury to the opponent, arrange bloody battles.
The female gives birth on the ice. A baby is born lemon color, but it would be pure white, like snow in a couple of days around it. Fur coat from Belka like a polar bear skin, hair, and hollow out the sun, which penetrates to the black skin, warming it. But it is not suitable for swimming in the water, so belёk molts and changes in the white coat waterproof. Molting process takes 10 days, they need to be careful and attentive during this dangerous period. In the process of molting, it is that Belka help each other, scratched and scraped the remnants of fur. When the fur will change, they will be able to swim well in Antarctic waters and produce their own food.
Around the seal are so many enemies. Polar bears, walruses, killer whales, sharks and people. Man, until some time I led a ruthless hunt for the pups, for their fur and meat. In 2009, a decree banning the hunting of all species of seals has been signed.

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