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Halloween: the history of the origin of Halloween and how to celebrate Halloween. Jack’s lamp is a symbol of Halloween.

An international gathering of evil spirits takes place every year on October 31, immediately after dark. It is on the night of November 1 that Halloween is celebrated around the world, dressed up in witches and ghouls, wearing masks of the dead and vampires and walking around like this on the streets or dancing in nightclubs.

The holiday is especially popular in the USA and Canada, it is also widely celebrated in Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan and Australia. Every year more and more celebrants are becoming in Russia, despite the protests of the church and the lack of historical tradition. And the Halloween holiday can be called rather conditionally. This is today it is only a reason for a costume party, and for the ancient Celts, who lived in Europe in the 1st millennium BC. e., the traditions of this night had a deep sacred meaning.

History of origin
The Celtic year was divided into two parts: summer and winter. The first day of winter was November 1, and winter itself meant the accession of the forces of darkness on earth. The rite of the end of the summer – Samhain (Samhain, Samhain) – was necessary in order to help the bright higher forces in the fight against the dark. On this night, the Druids – the sacred priests of the Celts – burned ritual bonfires, the fire from which was carried home with the help of torches. It was believed that this fire protects against evil spirits, it was kept throughout the winter and extinguished only on the day of the vernal equinox. Later, when in the Celtic mythology the triune God was replaced by a whole pantheon of pagan gods, human sacrifices and rituals aimed at coaxing the evil spirits became a tradition.

Samhain was also the day of the remembrance of the dead. With the change of the year, according to the Celts, the gates between the worlds opened and ghosts could walk about the world of the living freely. Therefore, leaving the house, it was necessary to put on frightening masks in order to descend among the evil forces for their own. A treat was prepared for the departed relatives and other souls, and the path to them in our world was lit with lanterns made of turnips, with slots for access to air.

Christianity that spread in the first century, in order to eradicate the ancient pagan holiday, designates November 1 as All Saints Day. The mass held on that day was called Allhallowmas, and the evening before was All Hallows Eve, which later became Halloween. After the renaming, the pagan rituals of this day did not disappear, but simply mixed up in the minds of people with the church holiday. The day of commemoration of the pious dead was postponed to November 2, and on October 31 it was customary to pray for the souls of sinners. And here’s a paradox: in a few centuries, in the 20th century, Halloween, for thousands of years, being a mournful day, spread throughout the world in a new capacity – “terribly” fun carnival.

How do you celebrate Halloween?
As you can see, the background of the emergence of Halloween does not at all have fun, but if you do not attach great importance to mysticism, then you can have a good time. The set of rules for modern Halloween says that you should decorate your home and office in black and orange, dress up as demons (the worse, the better), make up for vampires and dead, light your way with pumpkin lanterns and even send friends postcards wishing you a merry Halloween. Obviously, representatives of the entertainment industry are actively working on the popularization of Halloween, they also promote the “obligatory” attributes of the holiday – and all this, of course, is for profit.

In delighted with Halloween and children. This evening they are allowed to paint their faces, put on carnival costumes, knock on neighbors’ doors and shout: Trik or trak! (Treat or regret!) For the stinginess of the child can take revenge by smearing the door handles with soot. Young mummers taken to treat sweets or cakes. And this is also a bizarrely distorted ancient custom to appease the souls of the dead, so as not to arouse their anger.

The most colorful and impressive processions take place in New York, Los Angeles, in French Disneyland and Limoges, and in the castle of Frankenstein in German Darmstadt this night is going to several thousand souls of all evil.

Jack’s lamp
If you are afraid of the prospect of even joking with the world of the dead as a joke, that is a completely harmless way not to stay aloof from the general fun, but do not risk saving the soul. And it is associated with the most famous symbol of today’s Halloween – pumpkin lamp – Jack-o-lanterns. Remember the Celtic turnip lanterns? So, the Americans invented the use of pumpkin instead of turnips. This is not surprising, because America is considered the birthplace of pumpkin and a bountiful harvest of this wonderful vegetable falls in late autumn. The slits for air access transformed into ominously glittering eyes and an unkind grin, and the original candlestick itself was called Jack.

And it was only later that the pumpkin lantern was tied up with the Irish legend of the old farmer, who after death did not go to heaven, because he led a wicked life, nor to hell, because during his life he managed to deceive the devil and take a promise from him not to take his soul. And now he has to wander around the world, lighting his way with a pumpkin lantern.

Be that as it may, it is quite logical that pumpkin dishes have become the main treats for the feast, somewhere you need to put out the pulp. And there is no reason to refuse cooking vegetable dishes that please the eyes and form and color these days. Therefore, if for religious reasons or out of unwillingness to imitate the West, you are not going to disguise yourself and scare neighbors and passersby on this day, then cook pumpkin pie, orange soup or bake pumpkin fritters – would be a great solution!

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