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Halit Ergench: biography
Halit Ergench is a popular Turkish actor who starred in three dozen films and TV shows. Ergench gained fame outside Turkey after filming the TV series “The Magnificent Century.”

Halit Ergench was born on April 30, 1970 in Istanbul. His father Sait Ergench was a famous poet, composer, actor in the country. Since childhood, Halit grew up in a creative atmosphere, was fond of music and dancing, especially he liked jazz.

Halit received his secondary education at the Besiktas Atatürk school. Parents and friends of the family thought that the boy would follow in his father’s footsteps, but he decided to become a sailor – he was attracted by the romance of long voyages. In 1989, the guy entered the Faculty of Maritime Affairs of Istanbul Technical University.

Romance was dispelled as soon as it became clear that students had to study hundreds of volumes of technical literature. Halit Ergench realized that he was mistaken with the choice of profession, took the documents and entered the Conservatory. At the Conservatory, he studied vocal, operatic singing, and there he decided that he would become an actor.

In parallel with his studies, the future actor worked as a marketer, dancer, and operator to earn a living. He graduated from the conservatory, but there were no offers to act in films from directors – there was a role in a theatrical musical and shooting in advertising.

Halit Ergench made his debut in the TV series “Black Angel”. Attractive actor noticed and offered a few more roles in the series. He then moved to the USA and performed on Broadway for a year and a half. Halit returned to Turkey to stage his own musical. With the return to his creative biography, the strip of success began.

Since 2000, the actor has constantly starred in full-length movies and TV shows. He played in the dramatic film “Father and Son”, the films “First Love”, “Handwriting of Death” and others. A landmark in his career was the role in the film “A Thousand and One Nights”, after which Halit Ergench woke up famous. For this work he received the Golden Butterfly Award.

In 2011, Khalit was invited to play the role of Suleiman in the TV series “The Magnificent Age”. For a long time he got used to the image, read a lot of historical documents. The actor even saw himself as Suleiman in a dream and felt the struggle taking place in the soul of the great ruler. Halit Ergench does not hide that he added his own experiences to his hero. This role was the best in his acting career, and he himself won the hearts of thousands of television girls around the world.

Personal life
Halit Ergench was married twice. His first marriage with Gizem Sousaldi lasted only a year and a half. The young spouse at the time was studying at the university and was not ready for a serious relationship. In the end, Halit divorced Gizem in 2008. After breaking up, she found her happiness with her second spouse – screenwriter Hussein Karabey.

The second chosen one of Khalit was Berguzar Korel, who is 12 years younger. The actor officially registered relations with her in 2009.

They met in a restaurant by chance. A fleeting connection was enough for a serious relationship. Soon, fate brought lovers on the set of Thousand and One Nights, their romance began to develop with great speed. Within a couple of months, Halit and Berguzar were inseparable. They did not make secrets of their relationship, appearing in public together.

Today, the spouses are happy, because they have – a common job, a common home and beloved son Ali, with whom they enjoy spending their free time.

In one of the interviews, Halit Ergench admitted that he was afraid to repeat the fate of his father, who was married many times. He admits that before the meeting with Berguzar he was frivolous, but now he became a full-fledged person and was confident that they did not find each other by chance – fate brought them together.

Halit Ergench now
In 2016, the military melodrama “My homeland is you” appeared on the screens, the main role in which was played by Halit Ergench. For the role of colonel, the actor lost 13 kg.

The series is based on the events of 1919 that occurred in Izmir during the Greek occupation. The melodrama was filmed in pavilions, the filming area of ​​which reached 4,000 sq.m.

The main female role – the wife of the colonel – in the series was performed by Ergencha’s wife Berguzar Korel. Fans of the couple have been waiting for this for 11 years, dreaming of seeing an acting duet again in the same series and in the role of lovers. At the same time Berguzar did not plan to participate in the project, the actress wanted to take a break from the shooting and devote time to raising her son. But the script of the drama conquered Korel as well as the wife of the actress conquered.

Halit and Berguzar abstract from their marital status during filming. Spouses have separate dressing rooms in which they spend more time than at home.

This is done because the actors on the set are colleagues, not husband and wife. Despite the scale of the project, as eyewitnesses say, the leading actor’s dressing room looked modest: three armchairs, a coffee machine and coffee cups.

The directors have introduced restrictions for spouses at the time of filming and showing the series. During the broadcast of the series, the actors were forbidden to appear together in public places. Halit and Berguzar appeared at social events one by one, giving rise to rumors of separation.

A pair of Ergench and Korel does not give rest to fans and journalists who do not believe the words of Khalit that the actor is not going to follow in his father’s footsteps. In the press, there are constantly rumors about the divorce of a star couple, and sites and forums are full of the latest news about scandals in the family.

In 2017, Halit Ergench refuted rumors of discord in the Ergench-Korel family. In March, a video appeared on the Web, in which Halit admitted that he was a devoted fan and fan of his wife, had disappeared into her and was madly in love with Berguzar. The video consists of an interview, which was filmed at the premiere of the Turkish film “Infinite Love”, which was visited by spouses, and other fragments from the social life of the actors. In addition, in the video you can hear how Halit sings on stage.

Halit Ergench does not deny that he loves to perform popular songs. Ergench prefers national songs, but sometimes he performs songs by foreign singers, for example, Björk. On YouTube you regularly see videos of actor performances. ; Also, Halit sometimes uploads the video to the official Instagram, where the actor has over 300,000 subscribers.

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