Guilty Gear: Zato-1 widescreen wallpapers

Guilty Gear: Zato-1

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Zato-1 for the first time appears in: Guilty Gear
Zato-1, formerly an ordinary member of the Syndicate Assassins along with Venom and Millia Rage, at some point agreed to the proposal of the Bureau postwar try to imagine the technology of forbidden animals (forbidden beasts) – parasites, created with the help of magic and give the man the magical possibilities, similar to those in Giarov. Zato-1 donated eye, as required by a dangerous magical ritual, but because of the parasitic nature of the acquired received power over his own shadow, and quickly rose to the post of head of the Syndicate. Reasonable parasite eventually suppressed the will of Zato, as a result lost his mind. Once betrayed Zato Millia Rage tracked down and killed him, the parasite completely captured his body. From this point (starting with Guilty Gear XX) Zato-1 officially replaced the character Eddie.

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