Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Desktop wallpaper

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

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Creating the last part, Arc System Works artists abandoned sprites and completely moved in 3D – in the Unreal Engine. Heroes and arena were drawn from polygons and textures, which allowed at certain times effectively rotate the camera during battles. This literate style, animation and special effects to create a complete high-quality sense of drawing events. Even now, the game looks like a Japanese cartoon.
Unfortunately, the new technology will also mean the abandonment of past developments, which is why the number of soldiers were injured. Fans were missing some popular characters. However, instead of a big update released a new part of the fighting game – this time with the subtitle “- Revelator -“. And even in this version, some characters may not be available immediately. To open them you have to use in-game currency, which falls outside the passage mode, or buy them for real money.
In Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator – back Johnny Raven and Jem Kuradoberi. Among the newcomers Jack-O – totally crazy lady, servant of the cult of “the man” – a scientist who has created magically superior people, – “Gears”. The girl is fighting a huge ball chained to the leg, and actively turns the booty for the camera, calling the small creatures to his aid. “Summoner” is often found in of RPG, but in fighting games such mechanics are rarely used, so Jack-O looks original and interesting.
The second rookie, Leo Uaytfeng, a longtime friend and rival Ky Kiske, has a thick head of hair and two swords. It is a terrible enemy in close combat – the hero presses perfectly and quickly fills the opponent R.I.S.C. sensor However, to meet the balance of the developers have not given him the opportunity to play an active remote. It is perfect for lovers of pinching in the corner.
To play for the Raven is necessary to save a decent amount of game currency, or open content for real money. This is another new character Kum Hayhaen available only for rubles. Strange it may seem the absence of alternate costumes – allow select only a few options for coloring fighter.
Trump card Guilty Gear has always been thought out to the smallest detail the battle system. During the battle, the characters use a large number of different sensors and modes which strengthen or weaken the heroes. The game encourages men of action and punish, if all the time to retreat. In order to use a powerful attack, the Overdrive, you must charge the scale Tension. When a player blocks the opponent’s attack, it accumulates strip R.I.S.C., and the more it is filled, the more damage you get. For passive play “- Revelator -” reduction of fines Tension sensor, which may go blank for a couple of seconds.
Defensive mechanics require a more strategic approach. Guilty Gear has traditionally been a complex and elaborate defense system. Besides the usual block there is Faultless Defense – an aura that consumes Tension scale and absorb all attacks, not filling R.I.S.C. indicator If you do not want to spend their “super line”, it is possible to beat the opponent’s attacks and using Instant Block, which is triggered if the right to block the attack before it enters into our character. The main benefit of this type of protection is that the animation of the enemy after the rollback block is slower, allowing for a quick counterattack.
To understand how the attack to punish the opponent, it is necessary to know the speed of the animation is not only their methods but also the opponent’s moves. you can find a special Frame Data-table on core resources, which have the right information. In addition, if the opponent’s pressure does not end, it is possible to drop its reception Psycho Burst, then it will be a couple seconds to regroup.
One of the innovations “- Revelator -” – a special feature called Stylish Mode. This system automatically performs a combo cords when the player presses any button. However, in this case the combination do less damage than normal. Of course, kazualam play in Stylish Mode initially be fun and interesting, you can even try to compete with a strong opponent who would win at the expense of experience and more elaborate series of strokes. But over time it bothers – sooner or later they will have to master the game in normal way.
And when that happens, you will realize how complex and deep combat system Guilty Gear. Here, for every action there is always a counter, with a high rate of combat forces to make decisions instantly and quickly enter commands without delay. High barrier to entry quickly weeds out newbies and online only experienced opponents come across often. This is not a game that you can play a couple of hours after work. “- Revelator -” requires regular exercise. It is necessary each day to hone to automatism combo bundles found on specialized sites, and to devote more than one month.
Multiplayer organized about the same as in the last part, but much more interesting is framed. After selecting a character, the country and the server, we get to the specific location where control a small little man – Text with a square head in the style of Minecraft characters. You can change clothes and a mask under the style of game characters. Accessories open up fishing in a special mode where the in-game currency can be caught from the pond various objects, gestures and so on. The location at which roams our avatar, making gaming machines for which you can sit and wait for an opponent, or join another player, if he has already taken place. Sometimes in front of one of the gaming machines a queue and have to wait until the time comes. Or go directly to the search mode of a random opponent. In the battle of rating after a successful search, we are given a choice of several opponents, as well as the ability to search further to pick an opponent currently in force, which is quite convenient.
It is impossible not to mention the story mode. He calculated mainly on the fans. Beginners will be difficult to figure out who these people are and what’s going on at all. The story has been going on for many years, so before you start the scene modes to get better in the GG World menu and read about the important events in the world of design.
“Story” mode itself does not involve the gameplay – you can relax and put aside gamepad. This is a full-fledged cartoon on the game engine without interactive insertion of the far future, modified by means of magic people, and the struggle between the organizations. Traditional fighting games for the “Arcade Mode” is also accompanied by a small plot scenes and rollers at the end.
“Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator -” – a professional discipline of the tournament, designed primarily for the hardcore fans of the series. Despite the presence of Stylish Mode and unique graphics, the game is unlikely to attract the attention of a wider audience. The characteristic jagged character animation and bright flashes can lead to unpleasant consequences of an eye, but if you like anime, high tempo and have the desire to diligently study the nuances of the combat system, the Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator – can become a favorite fighting game with time.

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