Guilty Gear: Dizzy Wallpapers

Guilty Gear: Dizzy

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Appeared in: Guilty Gear X
Seiya: Kazuo Fujita
Blood Group: Analysis returned no results
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56 kg
It is said that when Dizzy was left an orphan in the village, she was just a human child. One old couple beginning to take care of Dizzy. Six months later, the people of the village were afraid the speed with which developed the body and mind Dizzy. In addition, in one day, Dizzy found at growing a tail and wings. When the villagers decided that she – Gear, adoptive parents hid it in the forest, in a place that the villagers believed ‘the abode of the devil’, and which did not dare to approach. After a long life in a cave discovered her people and she had to part with his loneliness. Several times people tried to hurt her, but she always managed to reject them, without injuring anyone. Finally, trying to escape from his cruel fate, the Dizzy leaves the groove.
Likes: foster parents, forest animals
Dislikes: poachers
Born of Gear’a and humans. Her growing up was filled with hardship, and despite their appearance, she was only three years old. Her thirst for knowledge is insatiable, and her brain is already developed to the level of a person 20 years of age. Life away from all she instilled mistrust of people – the only blemish on her bright soul. He loves contact with nature and their friends, but passionately hates violence. He is not a pacifist – for her the existence of mankind and the destruction of the environment is only a part of natural selection – and if you get hurt, you have the right to fight.
Archives Bureau postwar (Shuusen Kanrikyoku)
Case # 6690
Name: Dizzy
The circumstances of the birth of the object is unknown, but according to the incorrect information on it is reported as a semi-Gear, half-man. Including Testament’a (see. Case # 3360), all known Gear’y refer to the slave type and obey the commands of the control type (Justice). Therefore, after the destruction of Justice, most have failed Gears. The object apparently did not have this limitation. On the contrary, there is a possibility that an object will be able to once again make others act Gears. Recently, there is evidence that the object in conjunction with deystvovuet Gear’om Testament. It has recently received a message that an object was destroyed bounty hunter by the name of Jam of, but there is a probability that the message is false.
The main objective is to confirm the fact of the life or death of the object, and if the object is alive, finding the probability of its control or elimination. Risk Rating: S ++

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