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Guilty Gear: Chipp Zanuff

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Chip Zanuff (Jap. チ ッ プ = ザ ナ フ)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload – Biography personazhey0 0
Appeared in: Guilty Gear
Seiya: Takuya Morito (GG), Takeshi Miura (GG X-)
Origin: United States
Blood group: III (B)
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Chipp Zanaff was introduced in the first game of the series, Guilty Gear: The Missing Link, and appeared in all the subsequent games. It announces its Takeshi Miura.
In games Chipp Zanaff portrayed as tall and muscular but thin young man with white hair sticking out in different directions. Chipp wearing a black tank top tucked into the free light trousers with two belts on the left thigh, shod in high closed shoes with large buckles on his hands is small gloves, bracers. As a weapon uses Chipp short curve blade fitted on the right-hand bracers and walking along the hand to the shoulder; moreover, it has in its arsenal of shuriken and kunai. In combat, he uses techniques of Ninjutsu, based on the use of ki energy. According to the story games Chipp is one of the very few non-Asian men who have mastered these techniques fully.
Chipp Zanaff shown in the games as a straightforward and simple-minded man, impatient and quick-tempered, but unable to be angry for a long time and believe that it is necessary to always provide misleading fallen into a chance to improve. He rarely loses the fighting spirit, constantly striving to become stronger and to improve their skills. Chipp keen interest in Japan, and even claims that he was born there, but not in America, but the idealized image of the country invented Chippy, has little to do with reality. On non-Japanese origin Chippy indicates it. Some of his remarks in a fight and after the fight consist only of stereotypical Japanese words are generally known to foreigners: for example, “hara-kiri”, “kamikaze” and even “Fujiyama Geisha” (The phrase “Fujiyama Geisha,” which can be heard among the phrases uttered by Chippy in battle, is wrong: kanji for writing the names of Mount Fuji read “Mount Fuji” (Jap 富士山.), but foreigners often read them as “Fuji”)
Chipp – one of the fastest characters in the game in terms of movement and attacks. Maneuverability it adds the ability to bounce up three times instead of two, to teleport to different places of the arena and become (relatively) invisible. Beats Chippy very fast and have a higher priority compared to the blows of the other characters, making it easy to link them in a combo and perform long series of tricks. One of the useful character of the attacks – Gamma Blade, «freezing” the enemy is very dangerous for him, given the speed of the substrate Chippy subsequent strokes. Chippy The main drawback is that to compensate for the high speed he has a small supply of health: damage from shocks, falling by Chippy in the absence of the block, and when blocked, very seriously higher than the average. The situation worsens and the lack of any kind was defensive techniques and racks, makes it difficult to steady the melee, and to effectively hold the enemy at a distance from Chippy very few opportunities. Players who choose this character, usually stick to the tactics of “hit-and-run tactics,” which can be quite tedious, since most of the methods Chippy does not cause significant damage to the enemy.
Chipp named after bassist Chip Z’Naffa (Chip Z’Nuff) American rock band Enuff Z’nuff.
«Suck a Sage» – Guilty Gear, Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX.
«Child of the Wild» – Korean release of Guilty Gear XX # Reload.
«Drumhead Pulsation» – Guilty Gear Isuka.
According to the official biography, Chipp Zanaff in the past was a criminal, a drug dealer working for the mafia. Over time, he became addicted to the very drugs that are sold, and this dependence is beginning to interfere with his conduct of the case. Criminal bosses under whom was Chipp, decided to eliminate inefficient leading business merchant, but from Sent by mafia killers Chippy saved ninja named Tsuyoshi (Tsuyoshi). Tsuyoshi took under his wing Chippy, who quickly dealt with drug addiction, became a grateful disciple of his savior and borrowed from Tsuyoshi martial art of ninjutsu. But one day, after returning home, I found Chipp teachers killed. In a rage, he vowed to find the perpetrators of this crime, and to pay them for the death of the teacher.
On a plot of Guilty Gear Chipp enters the second tournament organized to identify the strongest fighters who want to fight with the mechanism to find traces of teachers killers. After witnessing the death of Justice (Justice), Chipp aware that this monster destroys the people looking for help and liberation and deserved another chance to remedy, as was once himself Chipp. After the completion of the tournament Chipp spends a year in training away from people.
In Guilty Gear X Chipp again starts searching for the killers, meeting on the way the masters of different fighting styles and defeating them, to prove their strength. In this game two endings Chippy. At first he fights Saul Bedgaem (Sol Badguy), but for the complete and final victory over him Chippy lacks skill. Realizing this, Chipp gives a promise to continue the workout. In the second end Chipp meets the “dark” version of himself. After the battle, he hears the voice of Tsuyoshi and decides that if a teacher is worried about him, even after his death, it is still not strong enough. Chipp vows to continue training and eventually become president.
In the game Guilty Gear XX Chipp third time goes to look for teachers killers, being sure that they belong to the Syndicate Assassins (Assassin Guild), a shadow organization that exists in the world of Guilty Gear. In Chippy three endings. At first he was fighting with the other hand, 1 (Zato-1), assuming that he is the leader of the Syndicate, and is responsible for the murder of Tsuyoshi. However Chipp discovers the lifeless body of the other hand, I took a parasite, and thus did not reach the goal of revenge. Then Chipp wins the fight Venom (Venom), who assumed leadership of the Syndicate after the death of the other hand, but leaves him alive on one condition: if Chipp will occupy the post of President, the Syndicate will provide his services on demand. In the second end Chipp meets Slayer (Slayer), the founder of the Syndicate, which mocks the weakness Chippy. At the end of last Chipp fighting with Kai-Robo (Robo-Ky) and learns about the existence and plans of an organization called the Bureau of the postwar (Post-War Administration Bureau).
Communicate with other characters
Tsuyoshi – a secret agent of the International Police Forces (International Police Force), a fictional organization of law enforcement protection. Tsuyoshi working undercover in the Combine Assassins, but his legend uncovered, and he had to flee. Departing from prosecution, Tsuyoshi met Chippy Zanaffa and took him under his wing, but he was unable to escape from the hands of the Syndicate, and was killed by one of his subordinates Venom.

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