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Guilty Gear: Axl Low

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Axl Low (Jap. ア ク セ ル = ロ ウ)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload – Biography personazhey0 0
Appeared in: Guilty Gear
Seiya: Keiichi Namba
Origin: United Kingdom
Blood group: III (B)
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Axel Lowe was introduced in the first game of the series, Guilty Gear: The Missing Link, and appeared in all the subsequent games in which his individual storyline, appearance and traits have undergone significant changes. He voiced the character Keiichi Namba.
The Axel Lo games depicted as a long-haired blonde in a red bandana, gloves without fingers, tight blue pants, blue shirt and sleeveless jacket is sewn from the British flag (also known as the Union Jack). Interestingly, in the Guilty Gear: The Missing Link Axel depicted tall and muscular, in a tattered blue shorts, sleeveless and with a large studded wristband on his right arm. However, in the Guilty Gear X: Woo Your Side his appearance changed: his clothes became closed, and the figure came close to the average, if not lean. Developers are not named the cause of changes in design, but compared to the original Guilty Gear Guilty Gear in the X changes appearance touched many of the characters, especially Faust.
As a weapon uses a modified Axel Kusari-din: if ordinary Kusari-gama is a chain, one end of which is reinforced by a crescent-shaped blade, and the other is a heavy counterweight, the counterweight on a modified weapon replaced by a second blade. Axel is able to use the magic of fire, but the game does not explain how he acquired this ability.
On a plot of the series Guilty Gear Axl – the eternal optimist, remain so even under a constant barrage of bad luck. He loves the romantic adventures, but really tied to only one girl – Megumi (Megumi), with which he had to leave.
The strength of the Axel – keeping the fight at a distance. It has a number of “long-range” of the upper and lower attack and due to the length of the arms, can control almost the entire arena. Axel further attacks – big trouble for the opponent, which is difficult to get close and go to the counter. If this happens, Axel has the opportunity to catch your opponent in a defensive stance. Many techniques of this character have a greater capacity and potential for a short time to enter the enemy into a helpless state (Stun or Dizzy), in which the enemy can neither counter nor close. Disadvantages of Axel is a common difficulty performing long combos and long-term recovery (Recovery) after the majority of techniques, which greatly complicates the conduct of the melee, and leaves little room for exit under pressure. Moreover, in most cases, included in the weapon Axel
area of impact: If further Axel attack did not hit the enemy, he might just hit the chain length, and the effect of this action will be the same as if the blow fell on the most Axel.
Axel Lowe named after the lead singer of Guns N ‘Roses Axl Rose (Axl Rose), who also served as the basis for modeling the appearance of the game character. In particular, Axl Rose appeared before the concerts in a jacket with the image of the British flag.
Basic guitar chords musical theme Axel «March of the Wicked King» resemble the chords of the song «You’re Crazy» group Guns N ‘Roses.
«March of the Wicked King» (Marsh evil King) – Guilty Gear.
«Make Oneself» – Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX.
«Dogs On The Run» – Korean release of Guilty Gear XX # Reload.
«Drunkard Does Make Wise Remarks» (drunk and really makes wise remarks) – Guilty Gear Isuka.
According to the official biography, Axel was born almost 200 years before the events of Guilty Gear peace in the East End, the criminal area of London. Axel, being a man of peace and good, to settle the conflict between London gangs. With its daring and possession Kusari-Gama, c by which he defeated opponents even with a firearm, Axel managed to permanently establish peace and order in the streets of his native city. But then he, unwittingly, made a leap in time two hundred years into the future and the future was in the world, which had barely begun to recover from the Hundred Years War with human beings magically transformed – Gears (Gears). The main task after the jump Axel is returning home at the time – not least because there remained his girlfriend Megumi.
In the story of this game, Axel takes part in the tournament organized in order to identify the strongest fighters who want to fight with the mechanism. The reward for winning the tournament is to fulfill any wish of the winner, and Axel most wants to return to his time. He wins the duel Justice (Justice), capable of commanding all the mechanisms, and hailed as a hero who saved the world from grave danger. Then Axel said he was not going to search the opportunity to return home.
The victory over Axel Justice in its individual story line is not the total story canon games: all future games based on the assumption that victory over Justice scored another character, Bedgay Sol (Sol Badguy).
In Guilty Gear X Axel busy looking for Doctor Faustus in the hope that he will indicate the cause and find a way to cure him of unpleasant jumps in time. At the end of his first Axel Faust meets and learns that the disease is incurable. Faust says that the reason for the temporary surges Axel is the presence of “parallel personality,” which is in the same time period as the Axel himself, and thus makes it unstable existence. In the second end, Axel fought first with the Hundred Years War veteran Cliff Andersnom (Kliff Undersn), and then with Justice, and realizes that once again made a leap in time, this time – in the past.
On a plot of Guilty Gear XX Axel is sent to the creator of the search engine, known as the One Man (That Man). Axel thinks that the man also has the ability to travel through time and can tell him how to get home. In the first of its endings Axel manages to meet with the person and find out what the culprit of his jumps in time is the Raven (Raven), assistant and associate of that person. Raven is precisely the “parallel personality” Axel, which suggested the existence of Faust in Guilty Gear X. In the second end, Axel meets spirits possessed Zappa (Zappa), and after the fight with him suddenly think about what makes this very minute Megumi. In the third end, Axel fights with himself, who came from the near future.
Communicate with other characters
Raven – one of the subordinates of the person being a “parallel personality” Axel and subject to the same jumps in time.
Raven and Axel – not one and the same person in different guises, but they are inextricably linked (One person pointed out that the reason for this – in some important actions that Axel must do in the future). In the book «Lightning the Argent», extends and complements the world events Guilty Gear, are described fights Raven fights with Faust and Saul Bedgaem. Raven Faust wins easily in the interdimensional battle and instantly restores the skin after fire attacks Saul Bedgaya.
Megumi – Axel woman remaining in the XX century. It is unknown how Megumi looks, but Axel continually remembers it and, apparently, loves her – at least, enough to chase down the opportunity to return home.
Sol Bedgay – apparently Axel familiar with Saul, as refers to him as an old friend. Axel says he has a picture of Saul, made when he was a child. Given the age of Sola and temporal jumps Axel, this fact seems plausible.

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