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This exotic guest of our shelves is a real champion on the content of vitamin C – on this indicator it is 5 times ahead of Orange
Guava – the name of the tree of the myrtle family, and its fruit. Homeland guava are the countries of South and Central America, where the fruits of this tree has long been used as food by local residents. The first written reference guava directly connected with the conquest of Latin America by the Spanish conquistadors – it described the Spanish historian Pedro de Cieza de Leon in his book, “Peruvian Chronicle,” published in 1553. Today, thanks to the wonderful taste guava – a common fruit grown on an industrial scale in many subtropical and tropical countries America, Asia and Africa, and its major exporters deemed to Brazil, Colombia, India, the USA, Mexico, Israel and Egypt.
The fruit of the guava, the shape and size resembles a small apple, with thin yellowish or greenish skin and a strong distinctive flavor. Weight average fruit – 90-130 g Flesh different guava sweet mild flavor and a variety of shades – are found fruit with white, yellow, pink or even bright red flesh, within which, usually contains a large number of small, hard seeds spherical form.
And although in his native guava is widely used in cooking – It is used for salads, a variety of drinks, jam, mashed potatoes, delicious ice cream and much more, in our country to assess the fruit can only be fresh or try its juice. But even with such a limited choice of guava flavor hardly leave you indifferent.
100 g of guava contains on average about 68 kcal.
Useful properties of guava
Individual fruits guava may contain a record amount of vitamin C (240 mg per 100 g), which already makes This fruit is extremely useful. But the high ascorbic acid content not a single advantage of this fruit, guava is also useful for strengthening the lymphatic system, it is well strengthens the immune system, restores strength and tone the body. Nutritionists recommend guava as a major component in the diet of children and pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Guava is also helps with diarrhea, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and throat has antibacterial, antispasmodic and antiepileptic effects, and improves digestion, stimulates the cardiovascular system and normalizes blood pressure with regular use.
Guava is not recommended in case of individual intolerance of the fruit. Also be careful when using it in large quantities, as its constituent bones can cause throat irritation.

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