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Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx – an American actor, comedian, party comic troupe known as the Marx Brothers.
Julius Marx was born October 2, 1890 in the family of a Jewish tailor, in a room above the butcher’s shop, on 78th Street in New York. Marx’s Jewish family lived in the East 93rd Street on Lexington Avenue in an area now known as Carnegie Hill on the Upper East Side in Manhattan area of New York. The house was inhabited by European immigrants, mostly craftsmen.
About his career in show business, Julius is not particularly wanted, and wanted to become a doctor. But the family was not a rich and afford to spend money on higher education could not. She could not spend money on secondary education. So Julius did not even finish school. This situation, however, has not affected his love for reading. Subsequently, extensive reading in Hollywood with Marx competed only U.K.Filds (also, incidentally, has not received formal education). Minnie Marx, loving, but do not lose the opportunity to make money with sons, hoping for a career in children’s entertainment business.
Especially because some artistic inclinations have Julius and his brothers traced already in childhood. That’s just the first attempts of the young Marx succeed in the company of itinerant actors ended in failure. The actors appeared scammers disappear right along the road with the money earned, and Julius had to own to find ways to return home. Of course, familiarity with the worst aspects of human nature and the characteristics of show business at such a young age could discourage our hero from acting, but fortunately this did not happen. And soon he had already spoken with the brothers and joined them budding singer Lou Levy in a team called the “Four of the nightingale.” Fascinate girls boy band, however, it did not happen. And only when the brothers began to add to the speech jokes and comedy numbers, the audience appeared to interest him.
In the 1910s there was the very popular comedy group, consisting only of Marx. Gradually, everyone appeared stage name, is created oriented one way or another participant in the image. Leonard often portrayed bad speaking in English Aliens (typically Italian), also run after the girls. “Girls» – «chicks», so Leonard became Chico. Adolf (eventually the actor changed his name to Arthur), specialized in the silent room, and his ability to play on the harp ( «harp») earned him the name of Harpo. Milton was a hypochondriac group, afraid of rain and wear shoes with rubber soles ( ‘gumshoe »). Hence the scheme. Why Herbert became Zeppo, no consensus. Marxists are referred to as zeppelins, and a trained monkey on popular under the same name. In any case, it Zeppo battered romance, that is the most uninteresting roles. As to Julius, he was an amateur grumble ( «grouch»), so it is understandable why he was named Groucho. Later the names were added, and the mask stage. And that thick usybrovi (albeit painted), cigar and sunglasses have become members of one of the most memorable images of the world of comedy. As a steady stream of jokes, coming from the mouth of the creator of this image.
Marx’s absurdist humor turned them into vaudeville stars. They reprise immediately began to disperse on quotes and anecdotes, especially replica Groucho and his dialogues with Chico (Chico, “I would like to say goodbye to your wife” – Groucho: “I, too,” Or this snippet of monologue Groucho: “Finally. sea cruise is over. Now I know that if eat breakfast, then I will not have to see him again “). Cooperate with brothers began known humorists and comedians. But it was an ordeal. Any text Marx altered in the course of formulating and used only as a basis for numerous improvisations. However, the talent of actors recognize even those authors who have suffered a lot from them.
The most famous playwright who worked with Marx in the 20s, was a prominent playwright and notable wit George S. Kaufman. Tensions arose constantly. And Kaufman sometimes not inferior eccentric brothers in unexpected antics. Once, for example, he interrupted the rehearsal of his play Marx’s exclamation: “I can not believe my ears!” Then he added: “I first heard the remark, which was written.” However, the friction did not interfere with mutual respect. Groucho Kaufman called one of the best writers of America, and Kaufman in the play “The man who came to dinner” very nice character copied from Harpo.
Eccentricity Marx was often risky. Here, for example, Groucho filled customs declaration when returning to the US after traveling abroad: Do forbidden to import items – but not too curious about you? Fortunately, the serious problems it is not delivered. And his antics will surprise, delight and frighten many more.
Although the dialogues Groucho and Chico learns by heart, the brothers needed a new party. More precisely, a participant. For situations with Groucho-catcher rich widows and just such scenes: “Your husband is definitely dead?” – “Yes” – “I’m better. I believe it too … So you leave me? – “I promised not to marry before his daughter” – “Once you have done this” – “If I were rich, you would not have loved me” – “Would love. But said nothing about it. ” Such was the stately lady Margaret Dumont, a great actress, indispensable for verbal attacks Groucho.
Viewers could also become victims of the funny brothers. For example, one idea Groucho interrupted cry: “Does the doctor room there” somewhere in the audience stood up frightened doctor: “I’m a doctor.” Marx waved in greeting, “How do you show, Doc,” President Calvin Coolidge was less fortunate. Upon learning of his presence at the theater, Groucho was distracted from the performances, to ask: “Cal, and you is not it time to sleep,” It is not difficult to guess that devoid of the false worship of the authorities of the audience was thrilled. Irreverence and knows no boundaries of satire even experienced 20s heyday in America. After all, the time of Ring Lardner, Damon Runyon, Robert Benchley – the great comedians. And, of course, the first among equals, the one and only Henry Louis Mencken. That is the great essayist, critic and satirist, became the most influential figure in American culture of the time. He advocated the freedom of creativity, skepticism, mockery of rigid dogma and shrines, and turned their attacks on the stupidity of the people and politicians in a stylistically impeccable texts.
First success Groucho and his brothers reached on Broadway in the musical “I would say that it is” in 1924. In the film debuted in Groucho Brothers company back in 1921, but the public attention they have attracted only in 1929 after the release of pictures of “Cocos nuts.” This was followed by successful roles in the comedies “Horse Feathers” (1932), “Duck Soup” (1933), “An Evening at the Opera” (1935) and “Day at the Races” (1937), which brought him immense popularity. In the 1940s, they cast quintet gradually disintegrated and each engaged in an individual’s career. The greatest activity was shown in this Groucho.
In the 1950s, Groucho was the host of the popular television show “rate – your life”, played a few bit parts on the big screen, and also wrote three autobiographies. He was also co-writer of the film “The King and chorine» (The King and the Chorus Girl, 1937) and the play “Elizabeth Time» (Time for Elizabeth, 1948).
Humor was his way of life. This man could not resist the pleasure of passing customs at the airport, to write in the declaration of “name – Julius Henry Marx Profession -. A smuggler,” and enjoy the consequences.
The actor, who has been on the scene more than seventy-five years old, was one of the funniest comedians in America. Groucho Marx died of pneumonia at a Los Angeles clinic in 1977.
For his contribution to the development of the film industry Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Its number – 1751.

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