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So it’s time to talk about the small home beauties that cause emotion not only for their owners, but also the guests who came to the house. They certainly pay attention to the street and in a park. It is they who have the most beautiful dresses and always go with unusual hairstyles. For those who are not in the subject, a little clarification: it is a delightful breed-dazzling room-Griffon decorative dogs.
The story of Griffon dogs
They say that the Griffon breed decorates our planet has at least 500 years. For the first time, these cute creatures appeared in Belgium, and from there are distributed throughout Europe. Until now, disputes as to what sort of breed was preceded by the appearance of such an unusual pet has underway. Many dog experts believe that dogs are descended from German-affen pinscher. And then he will be able to hear the opinion of other researchers that affen-Pinscher appeared after the Griffon. Argue hardly worth on this occasion, it is better to see beautiful photos of dogs Griffon breed and accept the fact that these two species closely related.
Little Griffon
It is hard to imagine that gentle, handsome breed Griffon 5 centuries ago were very different way of life. These little doggie catch mice and rats. They were held in warehouses so that they exterminated rodents there. See the animals could be in port or on farms. The house as a decorative dogs, they came much later. They took her in their mansion not ordinary people, and representatives of the royal family. That’s when the dog Piper turned into a charming aristocrat, which began to take care of, as a main member of the family.
Over time, the breed Griffon sold around the world. There are many amazing stories associated with these fun animals. Among them are a sad tale. The Queen Draga of Serbia also had its own favorite of this breed. The Queen was very afraid that she was poisoned, so always try giving your dog every dish. Her doubts were not in vain, as one day indeed poisoned dog food. This saved the life of Draghi, but a faithful pet adopted from a food poison could not be saved.
Types Griffon
Though all the Griffins are a group of decorative dogs, they are not the same. Pay attention to three very different types:
Belgian Griffon
Brussels Griffon
Brabant Griffon or psy-Brabant
The word for the breed, come from French. It has nothing to do with the winged mythical creature that has the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. With respect to dog breeds, it stands for “wire-haired”. And is not quite correct definition for these little beauties, as they are not only with short hair, but long. But this description of breed Griffon once said about the origin of pets. Apparently, their ancestors were all Wirehaired.
Give a precise description of the Griffon breed is extremely difficult, because each species has its own peculiarities, has distinctive features. First you need to learn to distinguish between three seemingly mentioned species:
Belgian Griffon is different from the others only in black color. He has a short, stiff hair.
Brussels Griffon stands conspicuous red color. His hair average Dina, tough
Brabant kid is a black and red, but it will smooth coat. In contrast to the two previous species, it does not on the face mustache and beard, typical Vendeen.
Care Griffon
Care rock Griffon more enjoyable than it might for someone to charge. It is frustrating to sit on his lap and his little darling comb her elegant fur coat. That’s just to make it even with the great love is often not necessary, because the hair from brushing thinner and spoiled. Combing the dog should be once a week a thick comb. In the formation of tangles they have to carefully remove.
Small dogs like to walk, but by going for a walk, to understand what is already tired, so tenderly watching the owner in the eye with a plea to take the hand. It is not necessary to torture them long walks. They are sometimes quite 15 minutes to enjoy the hiking walks. Lovers of long walks with Griffon buy-carrying of the bag to the dog was comfortable to stay close to a caring owner.
Want to Griffons were the most beautiful clothes you can buy for them. They quickly get used to his furniture and do not mind dressing up. Choosing overalls for dogs, it is necessary to take into account that the clothes should not hamper the animal’s movements to rub the skin or be disproportionate.
Diseases of the Griffon
Small dog is defenseless against a variety of diseases. Taking an animal in the house, one must understand that the breed is very gentle. About diseases better to read everything in advance to warn them in a timely manner.
Beautiful eyes decorative dogs are afraid of viruses and are highly vulnerable. Breed characterized by eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, retinal atrophy, and even cataracts. To save the sight of the animal, you need to regularly wash your eyes, watch their condition. When a pet excreta in corners of the eyes need to show the vet.
In the teeth of Griffon stone is formed quickly. It is removed with special devices and better to make such manipulation in the clinic. Avoid the formation of the stone can be if to accustom the puppy and adult dog and then brush your teeth regularly with special pastes. Another disease waiting for pets who are addicted to sweets. To avoid such troubles, from the diet will have to remove all the sweet. In order to strengthen tooth tissue, enamel dog must gnaw bones.
Colds – another attack a small breed. Immediately after bathing the dog should be protected from drafts and hypothermia. In wet weather, it does not need a walk. In winter, the Griffon can walk in the shoes special. The tabs since returning to the house, ate a dog was walking without shoes should be cleaned and treated with a cream.
Griffon in the house: the relationship with children and pets
The search for the perfect dog, a beautiful, gentle and small, for a country house or city apartment usually end with the fact that the owners decide to buy a gryphon. Why? It’s very simple: it is flawless for everyone who lives with her and there is a chance to see.
The dog loves company. She will never live alone. No matter how well she was not with adults, but the more she appreciates the dialogue with the kids. It is their true friend and patient member of any venture. Griffon allows himself to caress, cuddle. She was not averse to endure another idea owners to change its image. It will be patient when trying on new clothes. The bag dog will travel any distance, without expressing discontent and trying to get out. Here it is worth mention that too is not recommended to pamper your pet as quickly he will notice and begin to enjoy this love, becoming disobedient or aggressive, moody.
In his company Griffon takes everyone who loves them. The little dog of any age without a twinge of conscience get on his knees to the guests who came, when those with something liked attentive animal. Having found in the house of another pet, a dog is familiar with it. At this point, it is desirable to be around to see the reaction of both animals. Large dogs can hurt such a friend and did not take into their society, although this is only true at first acquaintance. Kindness lapdog even battling formidable Shepherd, who will soon be on friendly terms with his younger friend and patronize it.

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