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Actor and producer Griffin Dune for many years remains one of the most prominent and outstanding figures in the world of modern film production.
The son of writer-novelist Dominic Dune and nephew of the writer and screenwriter John Gregory Dune, Griffin was born in New York on June 8, 1955. Dominic, his younger sister, was an actress who appeared on the screen in the startled world of the movie “Poltergeist”, after which she was brutally murdered in 1982. Learned by his mentor Utah Hagen at the Neighborhood Theater, Dune debuted in 1975 in the film “The Other Side
Mountains “, where he managed to connect the stage of the theater and television. Small roles in 1979, in particular, “Upside Down” and filming in 1981 in the movie “Fan”, were the starting point for his subsequent appearances in the movies. However, the first role that attracted attention
Critics to the actor, was the work of 1981 in the cult classic cinema “American werewolf in London.”
As producer Dune made his debut with the 1982 film “Baby, It’s You” featuring John Seilas. To do this, he had to take risks by opening his own company Double Play Productions (Double Play Productions).
After the film “Cowardice”, released in 1983, Dune collaborated with Martin Scorsese and even performed in his comedy “After the Closing” in 1985 (some critics consider this his work the best). On the other hand, the performance of the main role in the work “I and he” in 1987
Year, on the contrary, rather spoiled the career of Griffin, because in this film, Dune portrayed an architect with a speaking member.
In 1987, the star Dune almost died out after the extremely unsuccessful comedy “Who is that girl?”. And after appearing in the epic film Luke Besson’s “The Mediterranean Sea” (Le Grand Bleu), Griffin spent the next two years away from filming, devoting all the time to producing work. It was in those years that his sensational film “From the Empty to the Empty” was born. Behind him in 1991, followed by “My Girl” and “Return”, predicting Dune
The removal from the main roles for another decade, except for his shining in the film “Find and destroy” in 1995, then (“The Game Show” and “I like it so much”), Dune appeared on the screen only in small roles. Continuing his work behind the camera, in 1997, Dune made his debut as director of the film with a hit romantic comedy “The Habit
fall in love”.

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