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Gordon Ramsay – a famous culinary restaurateur who founded the whole restaurant empire, was born in a town called Johnstone, who is in Scotland back in 1966. A little later, Gordon’s family moved to a place called Stratford-upon-Avon, which is called the birthplace of Shakespeare.

As recognized by the restaurateur, he is not the father was not the best man. He was fond of skirts and lots of drinking. And his father would literally re-son, knock him out of my mind all the crap. But Gordon Gordon passion only increased. Just not for cooking and for football. He wanted to meet the views of his father, who was not interested in school affairs Gordon. His father was a fan of a soccer team called “Rangers”. And 12-year-old Ramsey joined the youth team that over the years he was seen in the “Rangers”. Everything would be fine, but he injured his knee and had to forget football career.

According to Gordon, the college management on he was absolutely spontaneous. After that, everything should have a very consistent and logical. Once Gordon was appointed acting head chef at the restaurant where he worked when. Then Ramsey stood for hours at the kitchen stove, and worrying every time he served a plate. After this incident, Gordon Ramsay realized his true vocation.

This was followed by work in high cuisine restaurants led by renowned restaurateurs. Interestingly, aggressive and straightforward way of communicating with his subordinates, he took over from his teachers. However, in reality, Gordon is a very kind and fair man. According to the statistics of his holding for 1993 he resigned only 15% of its working staff.

In 1998, Ramsey finished his career as a chef. But it was his birth date as an entrepreneur. He founded his own holding, and opened his first restaurant in Chelsea named Gordon Ramsay, which later received 3 Michelin stars. His autobiographical book became really popular, and his newly opened restaurant received a lot of approvals and received its Michelin star. In all, Gordon Ramsay has 13 Michelin stars in total.

But the real glory, he received thanks to television. He was and is still different reality show. Among them are such as Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares Gordon Ramsay. The purpose of these TV shows at the same time simple and clear, as if made on the well-worn scenario. These are the components of a typical way of behaving Ramsay, sharp plot, as well as such things as anger and cynicism, and has been difficult to detach the viewer from the screen.

In Ramsay has its entertaining principles that it should be so far. He believes that products should be prepared in the local area. And he does not like food with multiple ingredients. He believes that food should be simple.

Indeed, this is acceptable. This person is very energetic and completely devoted to his cause, and his holding is growing every year. This supervision will no doubt the better one hundred chefs worldwide.

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