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Watch the behavior of this rodent in the wild – employment is extremely exciting. Gophers – very careful. Escaping the day out of the hole, he gets two paws and looks around. If it is not near anything dangerous suspect, then the whole colony of ground squirrels begins to get out of their underground shelters and do normal daily worries – they play, collect food and love to sharpen their sharp teeth. However, as soon as the sounds of any sharp sound or rustle, birds flying, or they suspected appearance of large animal – with a loud whistling all the squirrels run up in their secluded burrows. This rodent is so wild that accustom it to life with a man is simply impossible. Still, there are certain types of ground squirrels, which can be tamed – this small, big onions and rodents. In addition to the positive qualities of the genus Suslikov, there are also negative qualities. They can turn into a vicious pests that destroy crops or become distributors of plague among animals.

Gopher belongs to the animal kingdom, to the type – chordates subtype – vertebrates Class – mammals infraclass – placental detachment -gryzunov, -belichih family, genus – gophers.
It is known 38 species of ground squirrels in Russia among them widespread small, bulb, long-tailed ground squirrels and yellow.

Gopher inhabits mainly in the temperate latitudes, sometimes at the arctic circle. These small rodents shelter give steppes, meadows and forest tundra. Gophers that live in meadows, often settle in the Arctic Circle and are not afraid of cold weather. A steppe rodents prefer more deserts and semi-deserts, some mountain areas, at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. To some extent explained by gophers caution area of their dwelling, predominantly open landscapes. Also, ground squirrels live in Central Asia and Eastern Siberia. If you want to watch these brisk rodents, you can easily find their burrows in the desert, close to them undulating earthen mound. However, these rodents as a permanent live in burrows rare, usually one season. These holes are sometimes called “capital”, as they are sufficiently deep to a depth of 7-15 meters and a length of about 3 meters.

Description gopher:
Closer to home is not just cautious gophers. But sometimes in the desert, you can see the columns, so that squirrels react to danger. Adult gopher looks like a squirrel. Taurus he stretched 14-40 cm., Rodent small size, rarely reaches the tail of the body size. Ears are short and bare, front legs shorter than the rear. The color of the abdomen and back in different gophers. On the back color can vary from green to shades of purple. Abdomen light and often with ocher-gray color. In winter, gopher, also like most rodents can change the color of their fur. In the winter she had a soft and dense in the summer – a rare, but strong. At ground squirrels, like hamsters, monotonous habit – hide the food reserves in the cheek pouches. In winter, animals hibernate, in some cases, and in the summer, when they lack food. Gopher on the type of character can be attributed to “lark”, as animal leads an active lifestyle, morning, afternoon and prefers to sit in a hole.

Feeding ground squirrel:
Steppe gopher eats (photo) Gophers herbivores rarely move away from their burrows, all the available vegetation (roots. Grass, fruit) they are near their burrows. The diet is dominated by gophers and live food – small insects on which they hunt near the burrows. Gophers, living in meadows, like to eat oats crops, corn and barley. As a rule, this type of rodent found to be considered pests. In addition to the various herbs, they do not mind and taste of wild berries, such as blackberries. Among the rodents can meet and separate species – Long-tailed ground squirrels, which can eat carrion and garbage. Note that the squirrels in captivity readily eat animal foods than plant. So what are some gophers owners fed their favorite pets meat. However, zoologists recommend pet rodents fed a balanced diet, close to nature, and therefore in their diet should contain grains, hay, fresh grass and twigs of trees. To rodent could grind down their incisors. Their food of animal origin can be given cheese, low-fat yogurt, including beef bones that will provide your pet with necessary minerals, protein, and will act as a simulator for the teeth.

Breeding ground squirrel:
Steppe gopher on the sand (photo) awakened after a long hibernation in ground squirrels take an active mating season. However, the female offspring withdrawn once a year, one litter devour consist of 2-12 individuals. The gestation period lasts less than a month, but a way of life in rodents leads to moderate fertility. But where is dominated by ground squirrels. they are usually found much. This is associated with low mortality of rodents, which have long been hiding in their burrows. Specimens grown in the holes is carried out for 8-9 months, so they are as good as juveniles are protected from predators. Babies are born into the world mainly in spring, blind and hairless. Supyatsya two weeks, their body appears a little fur, and a day later they completely opushayutsya. Youngsters growing up in 3 months and is ready for independent existence in the wild. Nora mother’s children leave mainly in the autumn.

Content gopher:
It is unlikely that wild gopher become a household pet pliable. He has a lot of flaws that prevent it. Gophers are not able to get used to the people, and their way of life they do not allow it. Active at dawn and hiding in burrows during the day, in addition to this they have more odor. Moreover, life captive under the existence of cell life shortens rodent and often leads to death. The animals in the cells do not multiply. But if you do decide to get a rodent, you must create the necessary conditions for its normal existence. It is best to have a gopher in a cage outdoors. The only species of ground squirrels, which can be kept at home – it is a mixed type, which resembles a squirrel – long-clawed ground squirrel. Since colonial rodent creature, then you need to keep them in the aviary groups. For example, for male and female suit the size of the enclosure is not less than one and a half meters long and wide. Inside the enclosure have to be a shelter to animal could hide or hibernate. At home in ground squirrels litter should be changed every day, the ideal material for bedding will hay or straw. Required in the enclosure should be placed drinker and edible items that a pet could grind cutters. During hibernation ground squirrels, it is desirable to transplant from one another. On the eve of hibernation rodents need to give as much as possible of hay, straw, leaves and other natural materials, so that your pet fashioned for themselves a comfortable place for deep sleep.

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