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Gloria Stewart – a famous American actress and artist, which is considered the last actress of the golden age of Hollywood. During his career of more than seventy years, Gloria starred in numerous feature films, the total amount of which exceeds eight dozen, played on Broadway and has participated in several TV shows.
At the beginning of his career, he performed the lead female role in the legendary film “The Invisible Man”, which later became the US national treasure. For all the time spent on the set, he has worked with such legends as Boris Karloff, Claude Rains and film director James Whale, which ranked among the founders of the horror genre in the era of sound film. She was married to Arthur Shikmenom known screenwriter, through which golden oldies added to the classic comedy “Duck Soup”. In the late nineties he participated in the award ceremony “Oscar” after being nominated for his role in the melodrama of James Cameron’s “Titanic.” At the age of 87 he got to the list of the fifty most attractive people according to the magazine «People».
The real name of Gloria Stuart sounds a bit different – Stewart since her father, a lawyer, Frank Stewart, came from the Scottish royal family. Gloria Frances Stewart was born at the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, the US Independence Day July 4, 1910. Gloria spent his childhood in sunny Santa Monica, on the Pacific coast, where she graduated from high school and enrolled in college. Already in the years of study she was firmly convinced that he wanted to devote his life to acting. Therefore, immediately after graduating from college, Gloria got a job at one of the local theaters, and in 1932, when she was 22, she signed its first contract with a major studio.
In the first year of work on the «Universal Studios» Stewart got into the prestigious list of the thirteen promising young actresses, which is compiled annually and was widely covered by the press. In the same year she played in a pair with the already known by the time Boris Karloff in the comedy horror film “Old scary house”, and the next starred in the film adaptation of Flora Krenley HG Wells’ The Invisible Man. ” 1933 is also the year brought the actress a major role in a detective film noir “Kiss Before the Mirror”, which largely predetermined its future role. However, despite all the successes, Gloria decided to terminate the contract, having decided that the work on the «Universal Studios» does not bring it to her satisfaction, and has little effect on her career.
In the mid-thirties she joined the staff of the company «20th Century Fox», under the wing of which the end of the decade, her resume already employs more than forty films. It was here that she starred in the musical comedy “Roman gossip,” and the biographical drama “The Prisoner of Shark Island” with Warner Baxter. From the proposals, the actress was not hanging up until the beginning of World War II, when it began to offer the same type as a femme fatale or detectives girls. Gloria Stuart was tired of the monotony of the work, which resulted in a series of failures by shooting in the films offered to her. In 1946, Stewart finally broke with the movie to start painting, and his personal life. In the mid-seventies she again returned to the screen, having played a few bit parts in major television projects. This was followed by a role in the comedy “My Best Year” with Peter O’Toole and the role of the elderly Rose in the film James Cameron’s “Titanic” actress who became famous all over the world. In addition to the worldwide recognition of the epic ribbon brought the actress a star on the Walk of Fame and a nomination for “Oscar”. After such a resounding success Stewart once again began to receive offers and filmed until 2005, when she was diagnosed with cancer. Gloria Stuart passed away September 26, 2010, a few months after celebrating its centenary.

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