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Giraffe – the tallest mammal in the world. Separate individuals males grow to a height of 5.7 meters, 2.4 meters of which falls on the neck. However, their weight is nearly 2 tons. Females slightly less – up to 4 meters in height and weight in the region of 1200 kg.
Home continent for the giraffe is Africa, where he lives in sub-Saharan Africa. From the territory of West Africa, these animals have disappeared. For habitat prefer arid areas – savanna and woodlands, often far from water sources, as giraffes rarely drink.
In addition to the long neck, the giraffe another feature is its color. Stains on the animal body come in all sizes – small, medium and large, and their color varies from yellow to black. Figure each individual is unique, and is stored for a lifetime, as the person’s fingerprint. Based on the size of the picture isolated nine subspecies of the animal (even in the photo above and below the noticeable difference in color).
The front legs of this amazing savanna dweller longer rear, because of what they look back sloping. Giraffe’s neck consists of 7 vertebrae elongated, crowned by its massive head with two horns, and there they both sexes. Sami horns are bone, covered with skin and fur, while in males no fur on them because of constant fights with rivals in the struggle for the female. Not cheated nature of the giraffe and its tail in no way can be up to a meter.
The male carefully guards his passion from pesky competitors. The fact that she is ready to mate, he learns smelling urine, after which begins the ritual of courtship. mating period is the rainy season, and the female bears posterity during the long 457 days. In the light of a young giraffe appears not the best way: he literally falls from two meters to the ground, as the mother gives him standing (in the video look like it does). By the way, these animals also sleep standing up. The most common one is born calf, rarely twins, about 50 kg of weight and height of 2 meters. Within 15 minutes, he gets to his feet, but the entire first week of hiding, the mother is nearby, periodically nourishing and protecting it.
After a few weeks, the females with cubs are combined into groups, creating something like a manger, where adult animals alternately watching the children. Milk young giraffes feed more than one year, then transferred completely to the adult food, and are able to reproduce only the second year of life.
Do giraffes do not have a hierarchical structure in herds, individual of any age and gender can freely join or leave at any time. Females are more social than males who live alone sometimes.
In search of the giraffe eating out in the morning and evening. The competitors do not have, because they get the food themselves with the most treetops, what other animals just physically can not do it. As food for the giraffes are the leaves, seeds, and fruits of various trees that he plucks the moving lips and tongue. Giraffe estKstati language grows to a length of 45 cm, and even thorns acacia he was not afraid. On day one can eat giraffe vegetation 65 kg, though it can do considerably less amount of food if needed.
As for predators, it was mostly only the vulnerable young and old animals that can fall prey to lions, hyenas and leopards, and watering – crocodiles. An adult giraffe is quite able to defend from attack by powerful blows front hooves. They also run good, a top speed of 60 km / h.

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