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Ginger Rogers

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Born July 16, 1911
Date of death April 25, 1995 / ’83
Birthplace of Independence (Missouri), United States
Awards and Prizes
1 Oscar Award
1 Golden Globe nomination
American actress, singer and dancer, winner of the “Oscar” (1941). It has become best known through the joint performances paired with Fred Astaire (1899-1987). In 1999 Ginger Rogers won the 14th place in the list of the 100 greatest movie stars.
Real name – Virginia Katherine Makmet.
Her professional career began on the stage by chance, after the theater, where she periodically performed, actor Eddie Foy came with a series of his musical comedies. Before you start speaking one of his actresses could not participate, and urgently needed understudy, who became Ginger Rogers. She then took part in a tour of the show, and then one and a half years left to work in the theater Medford, Oregon. This theater after many years was named Ginger Rogers.
In 1928, while still a 17-year-old girl, Ginger married singer and dancer Jack Rogers Culpepper, speaking under the name Jack Pepper. After the wedding, they formed the duo “Ginger and Pepper”, speaking with vaudeville performances. Duo did not last long, and ceased to exist soon after the divorce couples. After that Rogers is back to the previous tour, and during his stay in New York, decided to stay there. There she got a job as a singer on the radio, and soon she was able to get to Broadway, where she made her debut in 1929 in a production of “High Speed”. Two weeks after Rogers involved in the new musical production of “Crazy Girl”, where the main role is played by Broadway star Ethel Merman. The role in this production once made a star Ginger Rogers and opened her way to the movies.
For the first time on movie screens Rogers appeared in three short films in 1929, and a year later she signed a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures. Initially, she performed a couple of roles in the studio Astoria Studios in New York, and then with his mother moved to Hollywood.
The first years of cooperation with the Paramount movie she played a small role in the chorus girls and dancers, but by 1932 already ascended in Hollywood and has been included in the list of the most promising stars WAMPAS Baby Stars. Ginger became successful for the next year, and when she brilliantly played the role of Anne in the film “42nd Street” ambiguity resolution.
In the same in 1933 and he originated tandem “Ginger and Fred” (with Fred Astaire), which became one of the most popular dance duets in the future. For the first time on the screens they appeared together in small roles in the musical comedy “The flight to Rio.” The second was the film “Merry divorced ‘, 1934, with Fred and Ginger starred in it already in the lead roles. All in all, together with the 1933 and 1949 they starred in 10 films that changed the genre of musical comedy.

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