Gears of War: Ultimate Edition widescreen wallpapers

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

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The success of Gears of War is obliged to detail set. The heavy, clanking loudly gun with severe impact. Loud roars toothy opponents and the hoarse cries of the protagonists. Literally rolls over brutality in every movement and characters, and enemies.
All this, combined with the excellent level design, and exciting shooting, and gave rise to a major seventh generation gaming. Gears of War so successfully defeated the idea of heavy positional skirmishes, even many years after its release, it was difficult to find the shooter does not borrow its ideas.
But a new generation of console shooters with shelters vanished: until recently, had to be content with fresh The Order: 1886.
But now everything is in order. King returned.
Updated Gears of War on the run is not easy to learn. Developers redrawn almost all decorations, textures and models from scratch. Original criticized by many for the abundance of gray – and did not hesitate to paint remake the world anew. In the golden rays of the setting sun, under the veil of yellowed leaves and making their way, he did not become less rigid through the ruins of germs. He just became livelier.
Those characters are not only an order of magnitude greater detail, but not bad animated. Images of some of the characters (eg signaller Ani) at all seriously reworked.
Even more life adds an updated architecture. Buildings patched and plastered facades of their fine detail, adding a truly imperial pomp, which is combined with the propensity for gigantism. Sometimes it seems as if traveling through the streets of a futuristic Vienna or Dresden. See the updated architecture, much nicer than in the shabby gray columns of the original.
Coverage of the game was much softer, but the annoying blur, which is full of original, the updated version of the rid.
All prerenderennye rollers also altered, so unpleasant contrast, such as fresh God of War 3 will not. And not just the developers clocked up beautifully, and even remade all the scenes. Virtual operator is now chooses a much more spectacular camera angles, and moderately dull episodes diluted with interesting details. The story in the first part of the trilogy of “gears” was not too deep, but a new level of performances in commercials successfully distracts from deflating story. The effect of “summer blockbuster” in action.
The only thing that can spoil the impression of the rollers – a Russian voice. It is, of course, is not something that a failure, but many heroes (besides Marcus) lack of expressiveness, and some picked up is not suitable voice.
Despite the radical external changes within the update Gears of War has remained almost the same as nine years ago. The Coalition is one in a repeat of the original mechanics, and this is an excellent result, because during the game is not spoiled – to arrange a showdown with the Locust, jumping from cover to cover and sawing enemies Lancer still interesting.
In some ways the mechanics of the new Gears of War became better. Developers have reviewed the balance, and now the heroes are dying not as fast as before, and locusts, on the contrary, the spirit of which emits more. Surprisingly, it has made the game more dynamic: you can boldly resolved to risk-taking, to shoot from the enemies on the run, and often impose melee.
Such a picture to be observed much more frequently than before. And that’s fine.
However, the disadvantages of progenitor reissue also took over. Enemies are still small, and as you remember, by any army had to be shot in the Gears of War 2, it becomes a little sad. Logically, they still do not shine: easily can get lost in three columns, or jump out of the shelter directly under heavy fire. Not to say that it spoils the impression, but it was possible to modify it.
Unlike the stupid opponents, teammates Empty-irritating. Hulking house, once again from under the feet of the dying berserk, forced to cry nine years ago, and does it again.
However, for the most ardent fans, more importantly, it does not hurt the multiplayer. Almost all the network cards have migrated from the original, and, given the perfectly copied the mechanics, just to break nothing. Network battles are still amazing in their simple and austere beauty.
For studio The Coalition, which is now engaged in the development of Gears series, Ultimate Edition – a very important project. With it, they not only attract new fans who missed the game in the previous generation, but also to show its worth the old lovers. The game looks great and plays better than the original. It seems that the future of the series, you can not worry about.
And against the background of almost all Ultimate Edition «HD-remastered” seem utter hack. We sincerely hope to see the same remakes of the second and third parts of the series – they deserve it.

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