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Frank Gorshin

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Frank Gorshin (Frank John Gorshin, Jr.) born 05.04.1933 year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father worked for the railroad, his mother worked as a seamstress. With 12 years Frank was very interested in acting, noting that he has this wonderful ability to make people laugh. As a schoolboy, he worked as a doorman at the cinema and then sincerely admired James Cagney, Cary Grant, Edward George. Robinson that allowed him to mimic their idols in front of friends.
In 17 years, Gorshin won the talent competition in Pittsburgh, as a reward, having the opportunity during the week to perform in New York night club ‘Carousel’. By the way, those days were overshadowed by his family the death of his younger brother, hit by a car two days before the expected prize. His parents managed to convince Frank not to cancel the show and do not miss your chance. So he did.
After graduating from Peabody High School Gorshin became a student at Carnegie-Mellon Tech School of Drama in Pittsburgh; during his studies he worked in Nightclubs. Then followed service in the army, where he remained two years, taking part in the war in Korea. However, in the army Frank acted.
After the service, taking advantage of military Dating, Gorshin. His first picture was in the 1956 war drama by George Seaton ‘Proud and secular’ (The Proud and Profane).
In addition, he began to appear in the TV series. Among his early television works – ‘Urban toast’ (Toast of the Town), ‘Theatre ‘GE’ (General Electric Theater), ‘Disneyland’ (Disneyland), ‘Alfred Hitchcock presents’ (Alfred Hitchcock Presents) and many others.
In 1957, Gorshin had an accident, hurrying to an acting audition for a film with Clark Gable. Falling asleep at the wheel, he woke up in the hospital only a few days, with a fractured skull. The role in which he was injured, went to another actor; in addition, one of the Los Angeles Newspapers hastened to place his obituary.
In addition to working in front of the camera, Frank continued to work in Hollywood Nightclubs.
Perhaps his most famous role was the character of the Riddler (The Riddler) in ‘Batman’ (Batman). He played it masterfully – the evil wizard’s puzzles, the first opponent of the legendary Batman. For the first time the role went to him in the mid-60s, he later repeatedly played this character in TV series, documentaries and Chronicles. The actor himself said about his work in an interview: ‘When I was first offered to play the Riddler, I thought it was a joke. Then I discovered that the show is a good script and agreed to play the role… Now I love the character. I worked over the cruel laughter of the Riddler in the Hollywood parties. I listen to their laughter and discovered that the funniest jokes have caused great laughter, which I used for the show. Studying it further, I realized that the feeling of threat created is not how I laughed, and something’.
In General, in his acting life there were about a hundred works, and in addition, he was a very famous and entertainment show ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ and ‘The Tonight Show’ with Steve Allen.
Among the most known films with participation Gorshina – ‘Underground aces’ (Underground Aces) 1981, ‘Hot Resort,’ 85, ‘Midnight’ (Midnight) 1989, ‘Naughty corpse’ (Body Trouble) ‘ 92, ‘mail order Bride’ (Mail Order Bride) 2003, and many others.
His last appearance before the camera was in the episode ‘Grave Danger’ the show ‘C. S. I. crime scene’. Subsequently, the episode received a dedication to the memory of the actor.
Frank Gorshin died of cancer on 17 may 2005, at the age of 72 years. He is buried in the cemetery of the Roman Catholic Calvary Cemetery in Pittsburgh.

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