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Francesco Totti was born 27 September 1976 in Rome. One of the first gifts for the little boy had a ball, which is understandable. To the surprise of the family, after some time with a simple fun game with a “leather friend” has developed into a passion. Totti didn’t break up with him even when I went to sleep. “Oddly enough, in the house my son never broke,” – says Fiorella, a mother of cesco.
At the age of five Francesco was first introduced to the world of football when his father enrolled him in the local football school. Initially, as the smallest not only in growth but also by age, Francesco did not appear even on the bench. He was often ridiculed by teammates, but after a friendly match with the team of a neighboring town when Totti scored 2 goals in the last minute of the game, the attitude of the young talent has changed dramatically. Behind him began to “hunt” the coach other youth teams: our hero has earned the reputation of a talented midfielder, who shows a great game and is a leader by nature. From this moment and begin the first steps to greater glory.
The first team chesko was “fortitude”. Games… Cleats as a gift… a Confession… But then the boy was only seven years old! Later, Totti wore a t-shirt “Smith Trastevere”, “Lodigiani”… In these commands, the future leader of the Roma showed their best side, every day polishing your talent. He played impeccably, even though he was the youngest. Great dribbling, fantastic technique… “soccer Player from God!” here’s what they said about him. At this time Francesco forever gave his heart to football. Remember that chesko instead together with friends to watch cartoons, he locked himself in the room where with great interest watched the matches of different Championships.
Thirteen chesko first appeared on the “red-yellow”. At first he played for the youth team of the district along with Carnevale and Aleve. Soon he found himself in the second team Roma “Primavera”. At the stadium during the matches of the “wolves” chesko just went crazy. Like many guys – the Romans, Francesco loved Giuseppe Giannini. At the first meeting with Dzhuzi the boy is very shy, but he later became one of the best friends of “the Prince”.
16-year-old boy, Francesco made his debut in Serie A. At that time the coach of “red-yellow” was Voidin boscov. It Baskov invited Totti in my team, admiring the young talent. Many said that the Italian will not break in the first part, which already shone with such forwards as Muzzy, Rizzitelli, Carnevale. Meanwhile, Roma confidently strode to the Cup final. It was ahead of the match against Brescia… Canica again got a history with drugs, what was the occasion for the debut of the then leader of the “Primavera”. The match began… After the first half, “Roma” conducted with the account 1:0 (goal scored Canidia). Later different and Mihajlovic. The game drew to a close, “red-yellow” confidently finished a meeting, and 2 minutes before the end boscov turned to Totti: “Come and get warmed up”. Memories Francesco: “I was confident that the replacement will release, Muzzy, but after Voidin said that I was preparing to go out on the pitch, my heart leapt for joy! You have no idea what it was an exciting moment for me!”. And so, on March 28, 1993, is Rizzitelli, appeared on the field Totti. The guy was very nervous, but played quite confidently. After a while chesko with great pleasure and pride began to train with new partners.
In the summer of 1993, the year the post of chief coach of the capital team took Carlo. the man later Francesco began to call “his second father”. With him our hero for the first time, really learned all the charms and flaws of football, great victories and bitter defeats. No wonder Totti made a huge breakthrough in the national team of Italy (Under 14 he moved to Under 17). But even there he did not stay long: Francesco becomes the player of the second team of the national team.
Approaching the match with Sampdoria. Carlo. experienced huge problems with the composition: Rizzitelli and Balbo were injured. The time has come for a more serious debut for Totti: first, he has stepped into the starting lineup in the game against a strong opponent, for a young, inexperienced player is psychologically very difficult, and secondly, he had to replace the clear leaders of the team… the Game Francesco held successfully. No wonder at the beginning of the meeting on him with reproaches lashed assistant coach verhovod. Mother Totti , Fiorella says: “I had never worried about his boy!”. Chesko, after spending 83 minutes on the pitch was replaced. Roma won 2:1… In difficult moments is always very important to put the person who’d held and comforted. It. helped Totti awful and painful for a guy days. Chesko and still am very grateful to Carlo for the wonderful months of their joint work …
After the departure of., Roma began to sink lower and lower in the standings. For Francesco began the ordeal: games against Milan, inter, Lazio… After these matches Totti left the pitch with his head down, with tears in his eyes… “In all the time that I am in favour of the Romans, once we won. Now I’m even more aware of how insidious and cruel can be football…” – said the Czech after losing the Derby. Roma was 3 feet away from relegation to the B series…
Despite the poor performance of the youth, the President Sensi said about him as a future leader of the Roma. Detractors pressured Francesco, requiring him goals in each match and placing excessive demands on his game. And now, September 4, in a match with “Poggi” Totti broke his goal silence, giving a decent answer enemies: replacing Balbo, he brought the team a very important point. The game ended with the score 1:1… “I did not even see a goal on TV. I remember being very tired, was hungry, so instead of watching a report about the match, went with my brother to buy ice-cream” – says Francesco…
After scoring from chesko’s got a second wind: he won the European championship with the Junior team of Italy, making a huge contribution to this victory. At Roma he made a lot of friends, such as Balbo and Fonseca, who helped chesko in his development as a football player … “This is the beginning of his glory. It still all ahead. I know that after I leave, the fans will buy tickets in order to enjoy a great, unique game Totti”. These words Fonseca I would like to finish the story about the “Emperor of Rome”.

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