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Best arcade racing season: with updated physics, beautiful Australia, the insane amount of possibilities and machines. For the first time on PC
In Forza Motorsport series has one undeniable merit: thanks to him came to light arcade series Forza Horizon. Also about cars, but the open world, and more fun. Although the machine in it, as in any of Forza, is still able to normally travel only in a straight line, the atmosphere, the music and the freedom to do their job – in both Forza Horizon was very enjoyable to play. Even though the strange physics.
Authors Forza Horizon 3 solved the problem with the physics of one stroke: they moved the action game in Australia, where many straight roads that do not necessarily rotate. If that is the way it is always possible to cut through the beautiful desert, grasslands and valleys.
However, to drive a car in Forza Horizon 3 is also a lot more interesting. Management is no longer annoying as before: the machine have learned to keep the road and – finally! – Normal behavior in bends. This is still not the best arcade physics in games (up to the pleasure that you get from Driveclub, so far away), but Forza – already a huge progress.
Obscene Forza Horzion looks a little worse, but in any case – it is that the most krsivaya race of the day
Forza Horizon 3 unimaginably beautiful. This is partly the merit of Australia itself and artists to draw it, but essentially it does not change. Take the red desert into the sunset – it is one of the classroom, which can come up in the game. Better – just search through the fields and vineyards abandoned barns with vintage cars, which can then be recovered. Doing this, by the way, is now possible with the help of a flying drone. So in Forza Horizon 3 can have a great time, even without the distraction of the race.
Although here, too, they made fine. In addition to the updated physics, every race or test can now be configured for themselves – or simply choose from the options created by other players. Allowed to change the start time, weather, and most importantly – a class member machines. Arrange at least check on the buggy through the city, though the race on supercars on the road – Forza Horizon 3 allows any madness.
Racing on the road – it’s fun. The authors agree with this game and made them well. There is even a chase helicopter buggy
Machines, as always – in the garage of the Sultan. The third part was added to the usual list of Australian national pride – the so-called UTE: conventional cars, which instead of the rear row of seats attached a cargo compartment of a pickup truck. But that’s half the battle. Australians were mad enough to stuff under the hood of polugruzovichkov eight-cylinder engines with 500 hp, for example, happened with the HSV Maloo R8 Ute. There was a lot of new jeeps, rally cars and raid buggy. This is not surprising, because the areas in Australia is much more than roads. So often the race pass through forests, fields, quarries, sand dunes and even river beds. But that’s okay, because the quality of off-road races we have not seen since the days of MotorStorm. And let the Forza Horizon 3 and no real dirt flying off the wheels and the exploding motorcycle, but still got a lot of fun.
Australia is somewhat similar to Colorado from the first part, only space here anymore. Strong More
Forza Horizon 3 covers several large gaps in the genre. Thanks to her, no one will notice, that this year we are again left without the traditional Need for Speed. Those who long for Test Drive Unlimited, Forza Horizon 3 is also perfect – in fact it is better in the open world of the race yet. Well, about the off-road enthusiasts, and we all are silent.
But most importantly – Forza Horizon 3 for the first time in the history of the series enters the PC (but only for Windows 10). Cheaper game will not, but it’s worth it.

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