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Arlette Pinheiro Esteves Torres, best known as Fernanda Montenegro (Rio de Janeiro, October 16, 1929) – Brazilian actress of cinema, theater and television.
She began her career in 1950 in the production of «Alegres Canções nas Montanhas», where she met her future husband Fernando Torres.
Film debut occurred in 1964, in the tragedy of Nelson Rodriguez, “dead”, under the direction of Leon Hirzermana.
five times Moliere Award was awarded three times the prize of the governor of Sao Paulo. It has become the best actress at the festival in Berlin in 1998. In addition, the actress has been nominated in the category “Best Actress” Oscar in 1999. He received the award SILVER Bear for her role in the film “Central Station.”
early years
Born and raised in the area of Campina, Rio suburb, the family housekeeper and mechanic. There was a 11 child. Fernanda was in college, often visited her grandparents in the Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet.
At age 12 she finished primary education. Learn English, French, Portuguese, shorthand and typing
In 15 years, Fernanda was in my third year of secretarial affairs and worked on radio leading the MEC Radio, a factor which was decisive for her career.
This radio is amateur theater group, to which later merged Fernanda.
Professional career
She was the first actress on TV Tupi channel, Rio de Janeiro. In 1951, she signed a contract with the TV company. There she worked in the period of 1951-1953 years. In addition, she worked fruitfully in the theater. There she won the “Discovery of the Year” in the Brazilian Association of Theatre Critics, in 1952.
Between 1953 and 1955, the actress has been involved in several dramas, presented at the Tupi Bolshoi Theatre.
In 1959 he formed a theater troupe.
The actress is considered one of the great women of the Brazilian theater. She has received numerous awards for his work: «Moratória» (1955), Zhorhe Andrade; “Our Life with Dad” (1956); “Put naked” (1958); “Lonely Place” (1959), under the direction of Gianni Ratto; “Mary, Mary” (1963), Adolfo sat down; «Mirandolina» (1964), by Carlo Goldoni; “Women of all nodes” (1966), with her husband, Fernando Torres (actor); “The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant” (1982); “Crazy Lady”, “Break” (1987).
In 1963 he played in productions of “Little Love” and “dead woman”.
In 1964 he played in two short stories “Victory” and “Dream of Love”, this latest adaptation, under the leadership of Nelson Rodrigues.
In 1965, in the newly established TV station Globo, Fernanda announced its cooperation with it. There, the actress starred in the short story “The Three Faces of Eve,” Janet Claire.
The following year, on TV Tupi channel, she embodied the role of Amelia in “New slander”.
In 1967 he starred in the short story «Redenção», TV company TV Excelsior. The show was so popular that it was decided to shoot a 596 series. It became the longest series in the history of Brazilian novels.
In 1968, Fernanda has continued its cooperation with broadcaster TV Excelsior. She starred in the short story “The Wall”, in the role of Candida. A year later, in 1969, the actress has gone through Zhulii Camargo character in the novel “Blood, my Blood” written by Vicente session.
Fernanda Montenegro left the television station TV Excelsior in 1970 and moved away from television for nine years. During this period, she played in the television theater.
In 1979 goduigrala in the novel “Stand”, broadcaster TV Bandeirantes. The actress starred Ingrid Von Herbert.
In 1981, embodied the role in the short story “Dance with me,” the writer Manoel Carlos. Her character, Sylvia Fernandez Toledo, was written specifically for her.
In the same year, she performed the role of Cheeky Newman in “Diamond” series, the novel Gilberto Braga.
In 1983, Fernanda Montenegro played a leading role in the hilarious scenes novel “War of the Sexes”, a novel written by Silvio de Abreu. For this role, she received numerous awards.
In 1986, the actress participated in the short story “Scam” is another comedy Silvio de Abreu.
Four years later, Fernanda Montenegro adopted a special part in “Queen of scrap.” In this show she got character Salome.
In 1990 he starred in the miniseries “Sweet Creek”, Aguinaldo Silva and Ana Maria Moretsson.
In 1991 he took part in the novel “The owner of the World”, which embodies the character Olga Portela, advanced lady, who, despite criticism, has gained the attention of viewers.
Two years later, it introduced a new role »Renascer», Benedito Ruy Barbosa.
In 1993 he announced a new role Madalena Moraes, in the novel “Mine.”
In 1994, he merged the cast of «Incidente em Antares».
In 1997, Fernanda Montenegro experienced a role in the novel «Zazá», novel Lauro Caesar Muniz. Her character – an idealistic woman who tries to find a solution for the mediocre lives of seven children.
In 1999, for her role in the film “Central Station” it nominated for an Oscar in the category “Best Actress”. The year before, she won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Festival.
In 1999, the actress played the role of “car” mini-series.
In 2001, she embodied the role of Luxembourg in Lulea novel »As filhas da mãe».
In 2002, it announced its participation in the first phase of the “Hope” (2002), in which she played the role of an Italian grandmother Luisa, Maria protagonist.
In 2005, received the award for her role in “Today, it’s – Mary Day.
in the short story “Bellissima” plays villain Biya in 2006.
In 2008, he accepted for his role in “Dear friends,” the mini-series.
She was offered a post in the Ministry of Culture under President José Sarney and Itamar Franco government, but she refused.
He performed a major role in the novel “Passion” in 2010.
In 2012, he played in the last episode mini-series »Maria do Brasil».
He went to work in the remake of «Saramandaia» in 2013.
Personal life
The actress has two children: actress Fernanda Torres and directed by Claudio Torres.
Torres – the name of her husband, she left her despite the fact that the widow.

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