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Enter the Gungeon doing a lot right. It’s a game about shooting. Of the weapons. The weapon underground. The village armed with bullets, drop sleeves, which you can buy new weapons. The shooting cannonballs, letters, bones ( “existence” looked?), Or a paper airplane out there t-shirts, and maybe even bullets. And all in order to find the gun, which can …
There was a pause.
Kill the past.
So, Enter The Gungeon prevents wasting time on anything else. Go. Shoot. Shoot more. As long as you get bored. May get bored soon enough, but in the first hours it does not matter.
The gun, the gun, and another
First thing: you want your game is about shooting felt good, disassemble Enter The Gungeon composition and learn. Weapons give the desired impact, the moment of impact with the bullet is predictable and perfectly read, the character responds to commands immediately and always remains under control, and the frame rate does not fall below an acceptable level, no matter how many objects there were no on-screen.
This is one of the bosses. Everything is like that.
And in fact, this is important. In the Enter The Gungeon full of wonderful little details like that it locks on the subject of weapons, ammunition, shells and other things. Even here the right sense of humor in the descriptions of items, with a bunch of already suggests puns. But gradually the excitement fades – get used to it.
There is, for example, the synergy of objects, as in The Binding of Isaac, transforming the little boy in the offspring of Nurgle. And weapons no longer seem quite so wild and becomes a working tool. And the music, the best music in the world, finally ceased to hear, because the floor pass to this subject in the forty-five and a half times.
Here consistency Enter the Gungeon as the game comes to the fore.
Comparison with The Binding of Isaac arises in the first place. You we clean one room, and then go to another. Somewhere you find a chest with the new gun. Somewhere meet the boss, beat it and go down to the floor below, where new enemies, new guns and everything new. Or the way you die and start again, the newly generated dungeon. Oruzhele, ie.
Rooms are interactive sites. Where it is possible to overturn the table and use it as a shelter, somewhere – to drop a chandelier. And on one of the floors there are carts, in which the enemies of love to ride.
In comparison with The Binding of Isaac – in this game there are two more variables in the battle: and consumables rolls “Dummy”, clears the screen from bullets.
Progression is specific. In this store, for example, really discover new things that you can find in the dungeon, and can not find.
Enter the Gungeon almost immediately becomes a serious bullet hell. Enemy missiles are flying slowly, but a lot of them, and lost health is always difficult to fill. Therefore it is important here not to be able to shoot opponents (this is just no problem), and waltz under fire so no bullet did not hurt. As a result, traffic on the feeling, here is incomparably greater than in the “Isaac.”
But again, all heavily dependent on luck. You start the race with the basic weapons (pistols basic, basic shotgun, crossbow base), and before you acceleration and pull out a something more interesting, it can take a lot of time. It is likely that for the whole of the first floor you will not drop any new gun, and the first boss have sadly Kolupaev “unity”.
In Enter the Gungeon many secrets, but most of them without the Internet tips (or not successful at random) to be found. Although a certain logic in the search for, say, secret stories have no doubt.
In other words, in the Enter the Gungeon you encounter a typical problem of the “post-bagels”: the early stages of the game can be painfully slow. They can be skipped, but this possibility must also stumble (hint: kill the first boss without loss of health), and in addition, is required to perform by virtue of a number of rather uncomfortable conditions.
And just at this moment and many will be interrupted. Someone fell swoop will reach the finals and continue to strum dozens of hours, someone will stumble over and over again, until to see the first level has no strength left. But before that it will take ten or twenty hours. Even before the ending (after which the end still did not come), you are not going to go, it’s a great game.

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