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English Setter, proudly emblazoned on the numerous photos, a surprisingly noble, purebred dog. That’s it so loved to depict in pictures of famous artists of the 19th century. It is they, the dog’s strong and agile, presented the painting “Hunting for snipes,” written by an Englishwoman F. Palmer. Cloth F. Reynaglya 1803 also adorns the image of a dog, which, apparently, was the forerunner of this breed.
History of breed English Setter
Each breed of dog usually has several legends, which set out the possible appearance of a pet version of the light. In English Setter is much easier. There is no guesswork or speculation, because the breed has a howl own birthday. This date is January 28, 1859. That same day, presented at the exhibition breed is universally acknowledged. More than thirty years working on its improvement E. Laverack. Even ate it and did not create a new breed, as some particularly omniscient dog breeders, it having significantly altered and ennobled, leading to a completely new look. Whoever considered ancestors produced a new breed, but the birthplace of the English Setter official recognition of the United Kingdom.
A little later, a breeder of English setters were very well-known competitors. One of them was Steedman. He created his own kennel, where dogs are bred purely for show, without regard to their working qualities. So there setters mollveydy: tricolor dogs, without the presence of large specks, graceful and very beautiful. Not every hunter such innovations liked and some were still fans of the breed, bred Laveracks.
Another celebrity, also knit howl life with the breeding of the English Setter became Pyursel Lyuellin. He has worked with the same breed by purchasing a few individuals in the nursery of Laverack, but added to her blood-setters of other breeds. The result was a light field dog. His pets quickly dispersed throughout the country and became winners of sports competitions.
Appearance English Setter
Thanks to the incomparable beauty and appreciation of experts breed English Setter gained immense popularity around the world, going far beyond Britain and the European continent. A distinctive feature of the breed is its unusual mottled color. The basic color of the coat is white. Clean it never happens. The dog has a bi-color or tri-color color. The smaller the spot, the more prized breed breeders. Do not participate in exhibitions animals with large spots or monochrome coat color. The entire body is uniformly covered with soft hair, smooth, without any curls. Only in the ears, abdomen, chest, back and side of the inner limb surface has tow thighs. Large suspension of long hair decorated with a tail.
Proud dog’s posture and is lifted up, a little stretched forward head speaks of the beautiful physique of the breed. the dog’s body graceful, lean. Strong sternum slightly protruding. Height reaches 61 – 65 cm in females and 65 – 69 m in males.
Even the tail of this breed is special. He is being held vertically, flush with the back, and on the lower part there is a thick coat that hangs down nicely.
The character of the English setter and floods
Initially, the dog used by hunters to catch wild birds. With the problem of human helpers copes. Many hunters still keep the English Setter to go hunting together. The dog has a great sense of touch, so any game heard at a great distance. After his sensitive ears caught the first sounds, stop the dog is not possible. She forgets about all the commands and functions in accordance with its savage instincts: quietly crawling on any terrain, whether it is a swamp or dense grass for its prey until it can pounce on it.
Good temper-dog beauty and gave her a completely different life. Some individuals have become excellent companions of man. She is good-natured family and nourishes great love for all who live in the house. Especially appreciated her friendliness and good nature in relation to small kids. Pets living in luxury city apartments is hardly represent, what their ancestors in the distant 19th century.
How to be perfect was not the breed, not in every home it will be able to get along. Never take into their home of the English Setter, if:
Do the owners do not have enough time for daily walks
The apartment is cramped conditions and the dog will not be able to move freely from room to room
All go to work for a whole day and a pet that can not stand alone, must always be one
Care breed English Setter
There is nothing easier than to take care of the English setter, which in everyday life is very unassuming and does not require a lot of grooming. He just needed a walk. It requires instinct. He agrees on the paddock at least once a day. Going with him to the park, not in a hurry to get home faster. The way the dog will run about an hour or more, to feel the joy of freedom and easy fatigue. Little puppies are walking will be tedious. They have enough 10 minutes to realize the supply of energy gathered for a day. The rest will make up the puppy home is to walk with his household.
Beautiful long coat requires regular grooming, eating wants to home favorite was a real beauty. The dog should be brushed, cut the tips of the hair, if it gets confused. In dogs, this breed is cut the hair on the lower part of the legs, relieving cushions, under the ears and along the neck to the breastbone.
English Setter – very smart, capable dog. Training it is fun. The owner must keep in mind that you can do with the puppies from a very early age. The sooner they start learning team, the easier they perform them. When the dog looks at a person’s eyes, it seems that she understands his words, so its smart look.
The dog quickly learns the command, but it will be even more diligent when it encouraged not only by words, but also a delicacy. In case of disobedience, that English Setter is extremely rare, the animal will have to be punished, how great it was to not love. Do not lift your pet on an arm or leg kick. He understands the punishment increased voice. In extreme cases, the weaning of bad habits (eg, theft) dog can gently hit the thin sprig and to enforce an order or command.
The ratio of children and to pets
If you want to have in the house a good-natured, intelligent, flexible dog, why not pay attention to the puppies of breed English Setter. This is the most balanced animal. They are not afraid to leave the apartment in small children. They do not only with them carefree frolic, but also willing to carry out all the commands. Child student can safely walk the dog in the park, because it never will depart and will break the will of him. While walking there is no need to put on her muzzle. Random passers-by it is not interested. She throws them and not paying attention.
The house to strangers English Setter concerns as to the guests: happily meets at the door and are always friendly wagging tail, inviting to come and not be afraid of such a large and intelligent guard house. Pets are also not touched. Cats can live in the same room as the dogs of other breeds.

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