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Luxury Beauty, occupies a worthy place in hundreds of the sexiest women in the world, so also an interesting actress. Canada’s family of Moroccan Jews, Emmanuelle Chriqui wins the heart of the heart, and is waiting for a proposal from her prince.
Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui was born December 10, 1977 in Montreal, Canada. Her parents – immigrants from Morocco tried to give children the best of everything. At Emmanuel has an older brother and sister; They were brought up in the tradition of Orthodox Judaism: “You know, my family was in compliance with the orthodox holidays, kosher tradition. Maybe someone of these rules may seem strict, but discipline and form your personality. Personally, it helped me to achieve a certain balance in ourselves. ” The family was the cult of the father as she tells Em: “My father has always been my hero. He gave me life lessons to their words and deeds. He never complained, always smiled and advised the world to me to live life to the fullest. All the best that I have, I owe to him. ” When Emmanuel was 6 years old, the family moved to Toronto, where spent his childhood and teenage years girls. The realization of their desires litsedeystvovat came to GM at the age of nine. As parents, unfortunately, acting classes are not affordable, then helped an older brother Serge, who at that time was 18 years old. He paid for the lessons of his own pocket. In 10 years, Emmanuel has signed a contract with McDonald’s: in a video shown on Canadian television, she went in a sweater with a picture of a dancing cheeseburger, and later followed by new commercial offers – it has yet to become a star. A few years later Chriqui moved to Vancouver and started auditioning for TV shows.
In anticipation of roles, Emmanuel worked as a waitress to cover their current food and living expenses. She participated in the filming of TV series, popular in the 90s, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, “The Immortal Knight”, “PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal.” Later followed the proposal to star in television movies, and in 1999, GM moved to Hollywood. The first picture, which starred actress called “Detroit – the city of Rock” (1999). She played the role of technical support service workers. This was followed by a role in the children’s film “Snow Day” (2000) / Snow day, where Emmanuel appeared in the form of the most popular girls in school by the name of Claire Bonner. The role of the role of Emmanuelle Chriqui gaining more and more experience. However, believing in themselves, their talents actress is easy, and, in general, according to her, she would ideally like to have a voice as a rhythm and blues singer and play guitar like Jimi Hendrix.
Several years ago, the actress offered cooperation popular American HBO channel, and Chriqui happy co-starred in the TV series “Entourage» (2005-2010) / Entourage, which tells the story of the ascent of the young movie stars – Vincent Chase. By the way, this is a favorite television project of Barack Obama and Penelope Cruz. In 2011, Emmanuel involved in the successful Canadian-Irish-Hungarian TV show “Borgia” (2011), the famous Borgia clan, who has reached the heights of power in Italy during the Renaissance.
Perfectly speaking in English and French, Emmanuelle Chriqui your greatest achievement to date, he said the fact that after the death of my mother, and then the GM was a teenager, she has gone on a curve track, not carried away by the dubious pleasure, and found the energy to power go and achieve success. And the actress is proud of who she is now, having risen from a poor immigrant family to a recognizable actress and desirable model for magazines. In men appreciate the beauty confidence, but without arrogance, a good sense of humor and thoughtfulness. They say that for several years now Em meets with New York architect.
Emmanuelle Chriqui dreams of starring in French, because he loves and French cinema and European cinema in general. She’s in Paris have an agent who keeps abreast of the case of the emergence of an appropriate role. But everything has its time, says the actress, and it wisely. Happiness, according to Emmanuelle Chriqui – is to wake up in the morning, in absolute peace with itself with itself and be ready to accept without fear of the coming day.

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