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Elisabeth Harnois

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The actress, a native of America Elisabeth Harnois was born in Detroit, Michigan. She grew up in Los Angeles in a family of actors and from a very early age sensed the smell of dressing rooms and grounds for filming. Exactly and she spent her childhood surrounded by actors, scripts, and other attributes of the star of life.
At the age of three years she played her first role in the film “Luxury”. Since five years she appeared in a movie much more in the movie “the Nativity” and “Where’s Abby”. Tiny little actress became a real hero of children’s television shows and played the role of large caliber with a cradle. Pretty face, big baby eyes and angelic nature helped her to ingratiate himself to all Directors.
In 1991, the chief management of the film company “Disney”, invited parents to discuss the role in the TV series Alice in Wonderland. The rest of the time she was playing teenagers in movies and on TV screens, as type was the one to use for Americans. In between filming and skiing, she entered Wesley College and graduated with honors. This has contributed to the promotion of career and helped to progress in the curriculum. Now she was a young star with a higher education that is so important and means a lot these days.
The years went by, but Elizabeth could not get out of the way of a teenaged girl, as a large portfolio only contained a material as a good performer in this role and no more other plan. It turned into a quagmire and it would seem that to save maybe just luck. The luck came. First, the actress was offered to play the role of a young girl, in the TV series “Point pleasure” and then just went role in the movie. She played murderers, provocateurs, VIPs and big spenders capital.
By 2009, she played so many roles that other Actresses, even at the age could only dream of and try to do steps like OA. Many starred in the television series, wanted to catch up with the actress but no one came and the finish line, not to mention overtaking. Teen role was in the past and she gets the lead role in the movie KEITH, Paul Jefferson. This picture makes an impression on the whole country and puts it on a par with Sharon stone, Reese Witherspoon.
The actress constantly monitor their appearance and trying to be in shape. Family encourages her career, but her career interfere to create her own family. She has a lot of suitors, there are the op fans and not a single loved one. It’s sad to see such famous people alone. It may just embellish and make it better for magazine covers, that really is an inner emptiness and a tendency to alcoholism, from which the actress was treated for 2 years and even lying in the hospital together with the late Amy Winehouse.
The current plans of the actress is very clear. She wants to open his Studio and shoot your own movie. This are going to help primarily parents and family. But he wants to do and implement myself, as is the choice of this girl’s leader, which is the only responsible for their own destiny. In our days young and spirited girl can achieve what you want.

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