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First name: Dylan O’Brien. Date of birth: August 26, 1991. Place of birth: New York (USA).

Childhood and youth

Dylan O’Brien was born on August 26, 1991 in the “Big Apple” – New York. By that time, his older sister Julia was growing up in the family.

Dylan’s mother, Lisa, was an actress and teacher of this art form, and her father, Patrick, was a videographer of film and television.

According to the official website of O’Brien, his father is an Irishman, and his mother has Italian, English and Spanish roots.

When Dylan and Julia were still young, their parents took them to a small town in Springfield, New Jersey.

Hardly O’Brien turned 12, the family moved to California – the town of Hermosa Beach, where he studied at a very prestigious school.

In adolescence, Dylan, as is now the practice of many teenagers, began to conduct a video blog, this is how he received his first five minutes of fame.

It is not excluded that the father taught the young man to shoot and assemble the videos, and to make sketches on the improvised stage – his mother.

After school, Dylan was going to go to Syracuse University to get a diploma of higher education by profession “TV presenter.”

However, life decreed otherwise – thanks to his video on YouTube, O’Brien was noticed and invited to do a movie.

Early life and first successes

Dylan made his debut on the screen in 2011 in the episodic role in the comedy “On the Road.” The work was easy for him, because Dylan was quite successful in narrow circles amateur comedian.

Dylan O’Brien in the film “On the Road”

A lucky ticket from beginning artists to a promising young man was pulled out the same year at the casting in the youth series “Wolf” (another name – “Werewolf”).

Initially, Dylan was invited to audition for the role of the main character – Scott McCall, but after reading the script, O’Brien decided that he would be closer to another leading image – the friend of the werewolf Stiles Stilinsky.

Dylan O’Brien in the series “Wolf”

In total, six seasons of this successful show (from 2011 through 2017) appeared on the screens, but after the first Dylan, like some other actors of the series, earned all-American popularity.

It is quite logical that O’Brien began to receive numerous proposals for filming in other projects, not only in serials, but also in full-length films, and he gladly accepted some of them.

In 2012, teenage melodrama “For the First Time” was launched at the box office, where Dylan won the main role, and in 2013 – the comedy “Cadres”, in which O’Brien had a secondary character.

The heyday of the career and the present

A breakthrough with the world in the creative biography of the actor occurred in 2014, when the audience saw him in a fantastic adventure “Running in the Labyrinth” – a screen version of the bestselling series of James Dashner.

The box office collections more than ten times exceeded its budget (34 and 348 million dollars respectively), and subsequently there were two more parts of the franchise.

Each new film only confirmed that the producers of the anti-utopian series made the right choice, as the creators of “Twilight” did in their time, and the actors who played in these projects literally woke up famous.

In 2015, saw the light of the sequel – “Running in a maze: The Test of Fire,” in which Dylan returned to the role of Thomas – the leader of trapped adolescents. The picture collected in the global box office more than 312 million dollars with a budget of 61.

Dylan O’Brien in the image of Thomas

In 2018, a triple appeared on the screens: “Running in a maze: The medicine from death,” which earned over $ 283 million with production costs of $ 62 million.

The premiere of the third part was moved almost a year from the originally scheduled date due to the fact that the execution time of one of Dylan’s tricks was hit by a car.

The artist suffered numerous injuries, including concussion and fractures of his bones, and it took him several months to recover and continue working.

In a break between shooting a fantastic franchise O’Brien managed to light up in a secondary role in the drama “Deepwater Horizon” (2016) and star in the rating action movie “The Mercenary” (2017).

In the last draft of these, Dylan played the actual CIA mercenary Mitch Rapp. Even before the release of the film, some journalists wrote that a new franchise is likely to be coming, but they have not officially announced anything about this yet.

Dylan O’Brien in the film “The Mercenary”

However, since the film has brought its creators twice as much spent, it is possible that soon we will hear news about the shooting of the continuation of this adventure story.

No new projects have been reported with O’Brien’s participation, even at the level of rumors in foreign media, but there is every reason to assume that the projects will not be dealt with.

Dylan is a demanded young actor, and, most likely, just took a break after a busy schedule of recent years, or very carefully studies already received proposals.

Awards and interesting facts

O’Brien is a laureate of several youth film festivals, including the Young Hollywood Awards, the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Movie Awards.

No top awards (like the “Golden Globe”) the actor has not yet, but it still lies ahead, and it is necessary to start somewhere.

In his youth, Dylan also showed the ability to music, he played the drum set in the amateur youth group Slow Kids At Play.

O’Brien is a baseball fan, favorite team is the New York Mets. Since 2011, the actor wanted to go out with her players on the field, and in September 2017 this dream came true – Dylan made a symbolic first throw at a home meeting against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Personal life

Low (just 178 cm) handsome-brown-haired Dylan first got on the radar of the media in the context of the novel at the dawn of his career.

On the set of the first film, where he starred, O’Brien met another starring actress – Britt Robertson.

In the film “For the first time” the girl played the beloved hero Dylan, and the teenage romance from the site flowed into real life.

Shot from the film “For the First Time”

Subsequently, in the press several times there was information that the young people had parted, but such data were not officially confirmed.

In January 2018, Dylan, in an interview with HeyUGuys, among other things, said that he still meets Robertson.

But to understand the social actors, whether they are together or not, can not. We can assume that Dylan and Britt are very busy on the set and rarely see, so they do not have common photos.

Britt Robertson in 2017

By the way about it – O’Brien very actively maintains an account on Twitter, where he, according to the end of March 2018, has about five million “followers”.

Britt also gives more time to Instagram, in which she has more than 760,000 subscribers. By the way, Robertson is also a fan of baseball and is a fan of the Mets.

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