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Dubai – a city where everything is superlative.
Dubai! How many in this sound for Russian hearts blended! Yes, like our tourists this city. And it is for that. The huge jump, which made the country from the past to the future, the most noticeable is in Dubai. This is the second area of the emirate in the country, but the most densely populated. The capital of the emirate – Dubai, many people associate with the entire UAE country. This independent city-state is the most modern and progressive in the UAE and is developing at an incredible pace. It is the country’s major business, financial, commercial and cultural center. In addition to Dubai – a favorite vacation spot for tourists from all over the world.
Dubai – today.
But until recently it was a small settlement near the bay in Bur Dubai. Now this city in the desert has an excellent infrastructure, liberal policies, and has become popular among tourists because of huge investments in this sector. Holidays in Dubai – is the world’s finest hotels, well-equipped beaches, a choice of restaurants, plenty of entertainment, sports activities, great opportunities for shopping and an incredible number of exciting excursions.
Attractions Dubai.
Dubai – a city where all the superlatives: the biggest, the tallest, fastest, most, most, most …. Hotels in Dubai, will not be bored. This raises the problem of how to have time to see everything and go everywhere. And look at what the city has:
– Burj Al Arab – the most luxurious and most expensive hotel in the world. You do not have to stop there. It is enough to make an excursion and can be carried out in exquisite interiors of the hotel all day, dine at one of the posh restaurants.
– Burj Khalifa – the skyscraper, whose height is 828 meters. On the 124th floor is an observation deck, the view which will leave no one indifferent. At the foot of the world’s tallest buildings are one of the largest and most beautiful fountains, the evening show that it is necessary to see with my own eyes.
– Ski Dubai – indoor ski resort in the “Mall of the Emirates” shopping center.
– Aquarium – one of the best in the world ( “Dubai Mall”)
– Subway – beautiful and very modern (cars without drivers)
– Palma – a group of artificial islands in the bay.
– Bastakiya – the old part of the city. This is one of the last remaining islands of old Dubai, where restored buildings in the traditional style are combined with the delightful art galleries and cafes.
– Dubai Marina – one of the most popular modern areas of the city around an artificial bay. Here are the world-class hotels, fabulous beach, shopping center and a beautiful walking boulevard with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops.
The city has several water parks, so interesting and convenient that children get out is very difficult. Children will be interesting to visit the local zoo, as well as many city parks.
Dubai – center shopping.
Without buying from does not leave anybody. Huge modern shopping malls with plenty of boutiques, restaurants – a lovely place where you can spend the whole day shopping, having fun and just relaxing in the cozy cafe. Alternative to them – bazaars, flavor and low prices that attract tourists.
Cultural, sports and nightlife in Dubai.
The city of rich cultural life: numerous exhibitions and festivals. The most famous of them – the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. It’s such an exhibition of achievements of modern consumer industry, combined with the gigantic Closeouts. Dubai hosts many sports tournaments. This tennis «Dubai open», and horse races, golf tournaments, car races and race on airplanes and much more. A night Dubai in its decoration – it is the Las Vegas of the East. If we add to this that the region is one of the safest in the world, it becomes clear why many people prefer this city is nightly entertainment.
Excursions in Dubai.
Separately, it must be said about the many excursions. The excursion program is designed for a wide variety of categories of tourists by lovers of history and nature, until the most notorious extreme. The choice to suit all tastes: Safari jeep in the desert, skiing with sand dunes, a trip to the neighboring emirates in the mountains, visit Bedouin villages and medieval castles and fortresses, visit the camel races, cruises on dhows along the bay, diving and even horseback skiing – it’s not all the opportunities that have a rest.
Prices for hotels in Dubai.
It may seem that the rest of Dubai hotels is very expensive. This is not true. In addition to expensive and luxurious hotel located on the beach in Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, affordable three-four star hotels in the city center. Prices are quite acceptable for the average purse. Yes! Prior to good beaches have to go on the shuttle-bass, but the rooms are decent and service is fuller, and meals in expensive restaurants can be replaced by a visit to a more inexpensive restaurants away from the resorts. And instead of the malls, go shopping in the numerous markets in the Deira area. Incidentally, it is in the Deira neighborhood are located the cheapest 2 = 3 * Hotels in Dubai. Some of them are designed mainly on our shopnikov, so the problems with the language is not the same kitchen.
If you visit Dubai at least once, you will want to come here again and again. The endless sunny beaches with almost white sand, comfortable hotels, interesting excursions, a unique national flavor combined with ultramodern technology, exciting shopping, restaurants with cuisines from around the world, entertainment for every taste – all this makes the rest of Dubai memorable.

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