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Based on effort and hard work, Dove Cameron has made a dent in the current scene as one of the most established Disney stars. This young woman, who was born on January 15, 1996 under the name of Chloe Celeste Hosterman, began in the world of entertainment with only eight years, and since then, has not stopped working.

Do you want to know more curious facts about the actress? Take note of these seven things that you may not have known about the protagonist of Liv and Maddie, a young woman who promises to give a lot to talk about and who has become an icon of style for millions of young people around the world.

The school past of Dove Cameron
The young Disney star, like many other artists, also suffered bullying when she went to high school, cruel episodes in which her classmates came to tell her that she should commit suicide, something that the young woman heroically managed and used to make herself stronger.

To this day, he suffers episodes of anxiety, something he has no problem recognizing. Exercise, good sleep and meditation help you to fight against this.

Dove Cameron’s tattoo
Did you know that the star Disney Dove Cameron has a tattoo of the most special? This young girl believes in true friendship, and for that reason, she has not hesitated to get a tattoo with her great friend Kiersey. Recalling the famous Resacón movie in Las Vegas, he wrote in his Instagram account, accompanied by the image of his two hands, “what happens in Las Vegas remains in your body for the rest of your life.” If you join your fingers the result is XO, an expression that means kisses and hugs, how nice!

Dove Cameron, delivered to her fans
Dove Cameron maintains a close relationship with his fans. It was very difficult for her to assimilate that there were so many people interested in her work and in her life, and that is that the girl already has over 11 million followers on Instagram, so she answers, whenever she can, the hundreds of comments she receives. So delivered is to them that she has confessed to having come to eat and to have a manicure with several followers. The Disney star is, first of all, natural and its fame has not made it lose the north.

Do you want to know what was your most special fan moment for her? A follower approached her and asked her to draw a heart, after this, the young woman took the design to a tattoo studio to engrave it on her skin forever.

Dove Cameron works
The series that has made her known around the world has been Liv and Maddie, but it has not been the only one in which she has participated. In addition to this Disney production, Dove Cameron has made cameos in series such as Mentalist, Shameless and Malibu Country, among others. He has also participated in several films, but it has been Descendants that has given him the highest recognition.

The musical side of Dove Cameron
The talent of Dove Cameron is not only summarized in her facet as an actress, but also, was part of a group. Do you know the songs Written in the Starts and Glowing in the Dark ?, in fact they are sung by this artist with her former partner, also actor Ryan McCartan, with whom she became involved. After the breakup of the couple the group dissolved to the displeasure of their fans.

Dove Cameron, fashion lover
A passionate fashion, so is the actress Dove Cameron. He loves to go to parades to soak up the new trends; In the image, we can see her attending the Fashion Week in New York last February.

In her wardrobe you can not miss midi dresses, pronounced necklines and tight garments, the young woman has a perfect silhouette and is very aware of it, that is why she tries to always get the most out of it.

Dove Cameron and his mother
Do you know the woman who is, in the picture, with Dove Cameron? This is Bonnie J. Wallace, the mother of the artist and is famous for having written the book: A Guide for Parents with Hollywood Star Children. This is how she decided to tell the world how important it is to take care of and protect children when they dedicate themselves to the world of entertainment.

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