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Dota2 : Windranger

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Western forests hold many secrets, and one of them is the story of the great archer named Liral, which later became the nickname Windranger. Once upon a time in a large village Zarukino family lived outstanding and unmatched archers who could hunt down and kill any prey, and they had no equal in the whole district, and their names were famous far beyond the borders of the Western forests. They took orders, hunted for rare creatures and thus to feed themselves. They lived quietly and peacefully until the day when the village ran a violent storm.
The dark night has covered the village, up the wind and the rain poured. But in the midst of the darkness in one of the houses was a light and heard a child crying, which is mixed with the howling of the wind, and has been virtually invisible. In a family of hunters he had a girl with beautiful green eyes. But not for long rejoiced parents, they did not even give a name, as a strong wind rose, the storm intensified and started to sweep away everything in its path.
The storm subsided only in the morning. Instead of a large village there were only ruins and dead bodies. Nearby in the grass lay a child, his cries attracted the attention of the wind, which regretted the child and decided to give him a second chance. Picking up the child, the wind carried it to the threshold of the neighboring village houses. People who found the girl, gave her name Liral.
There were years, Liral grew, her red hair evolved in the wind, and she became more experienced archer. From time to time the wind came to visit her, watching as she is training in archery. She had a certain talent, which is transmitted from parents.
Being a fairly young age Liral developed his technique of fast shots, in which she used a powerful arrows, piercing in its path, even trees. But not everyone will be able to withstand such a bow, so she needed a new bow from the wood of the tree of the most powerful Western forests. The branches of this tree can reach the rain clouds, so the wood was strong and getting stronger shot.
Liral for many years was the best archer in the Western forests. Through training and experience gained in the hunt, she never misses. Rumor has it that it was she who killed a dodgy green Elloe, who was considered a mythical beast. It is because of his horns, he made another bow. Now she has gone to war to prove to everyone that she is the best archer, not only in the Western forests, but also around the world.

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