Dota2 : Undying desktop wallpaper

Dota2 : Undying

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The last thing he remembered was the horror in the face of impending death. The battlefield was covered with the same as he did. Who is he? What’s his name? All this no longer mattered.
In possession of the Dead God care about only one thing – the feeling of hunger. Please call instinct barely audible somewhere deep in his heart, but eventually grows into an obsession, which absorbs completely.
Resigned to his death, he was expecting to sink into oblivion, but the Dead God had other plans. His only interested in the war, because it allows more to replenish its ranks dead. Soon, his power will be so great that it will be able to challenge the world.
To the war did not end for a second, he needs someone who will bring death, who take more showers. Now Derdzha waited to take into account that he did not choose: he will be the Undying. He is the herald of death.
But now he is dead, and that is among the living, you need a lot of energy, which can take from mortals. Decay eats health enemies and allows Undying be the world’s longest living.
The greater the number of soldiers and battle, the stronger will be Derdzh. Huge amounts of vital energy pass through the body of creatures on the battlefield. Soul Rip allows life to work for the good death.
Army of the Dead King – all who have died in this world. This army did not see nobody, to translate a number of the soldiers in our world, the need for special rituals. Dead soldiers have access to the surface, only through the ancient Tombstone.
Death gives Undying forces, each fallen warrior army restores its owner. Flesh Golem is energized already dead creatures and allows Derdzhu be more alive.
Dead men can not boast of great speed and strength, so enemies can easily get away from the threat. Such a hero, as a Venomancer, slows enemies so that the zombies manage to get to the living.
Mighty Warrior Axe murder after all living not fight against the dead. The rebels dead will be a godsend for his huge ax.

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