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Dota2 : Puck

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Many saw Pak for the first time, think that some kind of harmless butterfly in front of them. In fact, it is a fatal error. Puck is a very dangerous creature that can cope with the most dangerous opponents.
He is a child of the ancient magical dragon, which is older than time itself. Himself Pak travels around the world for millions of years, and still remains a child.
Children’s character makes itself felt when, during a serious battle Pak starts playing with everyone around. It affects both allies and enemies.
He loves to play different games for children. One of his favorite games is salochki with the enemy. Pak uses Illusory Orb, to disappear from under the nose of the enemy, and to appear in a completely different place.
Every child does not like it when other children play with his things. Dragon believes that can only use magic he so Waning Rift prohibits opponents to read their magic spells or use items.
Hide and Seek is also included in the list of beloved games. But Puck plays absolutely no rules. To escape, he uses Phase Shift and move into another dimension. No force can not find it there.
Most of whom tries to play Pak, just go away. But essentially I do not like this behavior. Binding the opponents with the help of Dream Coil and looks like they have fun running around in circles. Anyone who dares to go beyond the permitted limits, immediately punishable by cruel dragon.
The only character who really liking this kid is a funny game, menacing Lifestealer. Confusion in the ranks of the enemies he will play only on hand, and he effortlessly able to prove their strength.
Like many other magicians, Puck suffers from Doom, because it does not allow him to play.

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