Dota2 : Gyrocopter Wallpaper

Dota2 : Gyrocopter

Dota2 : Gyrocopter wallpapers for your PC, Android Device, Iphone or Tablet PC. If you want to download Dota2 : Gyrocopter High Quality wallpapers for your desktop, please download this wallpapers above and click «set as desktop background». You can share this wallpaper in social networks, we will be very grateful to you. 

This story is about one of the great warriors who devoted his life to the service, wars, uprisings and riots. His name Aurel – Aurel Vlaicu, and it is one of the best engineers in the world. Throughout his military career Aurel seen many deaths, and he killed many. But the years go by, time does not spare anyone, so Aurel decided to retire. For his combat service military command appointed him a good pension, but the most interesting was not it, and drawing that Aurelio was able to steal from the military base. About him already forgotten, because no one believed that it will be possible to build a manned flying machine, but not Aurel.
His new home Aurel decided to choose a densely populated tropical archipelago Ash, where it no one will interfere in his endeavors. It had plenty of time and money too, so Aurel started tinkering. A month later, it was ready the first prototype, but, unfortunately, he did not even wound up.
Years passed, and the engineer so nothing came of it. Then the engine will not start at all, just an explosion due to a large amount of fuel. But Aurel did not miss a hope and a dream, that one day he will be able to fly up to the clouds.
Ten years have passed, behind there were many failures, and Aurel built another prototype. During these ten years, a lot has happened, and the old engineer soldier began to doubt, all will turn out if he had to collect the device. Deciding for the last time to pull the cord plugs, suddenly zatorohtel engine and the propeller began to spin. Slowly but surely, the aircraft began to climb, and an hour later Aurel already be more than cut through the clouds, competing in speed with seagulls. This feeling was previously unknown to him, and he really liked it.
All day he dissected by the heavenly expanses, but the fuel is not infinite, and the sun began to go beyond the horizon. “It’s time to go back” – thought Aurel. But suddenly he heard a rattle and shake and dramatically flew down into the water. Miraculously, he managed to escape from the wreckage of the prototype, and Aurel got to the studio swim.
As it turned out, the prototype knocked passing ships its core. Already in the workshop Aurel decided that certainly will make a flying machine called Girokopter, which will be much stronger and will be able to carry the ammunition, so that he could find and destroy the ship.

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