Dota2 : Enigma widescreen for desktop

Dota2 : Enigma

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As a thousand years ago, about the identity of Enigma is not known absolutely nothing. There are many stories and legends about this strange creature.
One legend says that Enigma – it’s damn alchemist. For his excessive desire, he paid with his life until the end of time to suffer in the form of this creature. Hardly Alchemist could have as a powerful force.
Other states that this creature of ancient times. Unknown matter that existed before all things, and will exist long after the disappearance of this world.
The rest claim that after the explosion of the first stars formed black hole that could think. Intelligence within it drew to new worlds, but each time destroying it. Therefore, a small portion of the force detach and send to know the universe.
Enigma is able to influence the gravitational field of the enemy, thus forbidding him to move. Malefice ripple effect, so the enemy can still be moved, but for short distances.
Sacrificing vitality of lower beings, Enigma moves into the world of his servants edalonov. Demonic Conversion encourages only three creatures, but they are able to multiply, creating an army.
As the light disappears forever into dark matter, so vitality missing in Midnight Pulse. Dark magic will absorb part of the vital energy as long as the enemy does not leave the range.
Those who have seen what a Black Hole, started calling Enigma shredders worlds. Entire armies lost in this monstrous dark funnel.
The black hole absorbs light and everything that gets there, with great ease. But ice magic Lich quietly moves on her, causing massive damage to enemies.
To stop the destructive absorption of black funnel, only one precise shot Sniper. Enigma can not get far enough to neutralize this marksman.

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