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Dota2 : Ember Spirit

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Somewhere deep in the mountains of whining lost old fortress called Castle Naughty Flame. For many centuries for it walks only the wind and the leaves. The dust has settled on every centimeter of this fortress, and in fact a long time ago it was different. In this castle he lived and taught his disciples, minions of the great warrior and poet Xin. About his exploits composed legends, in the fields of battle, he was a fierce opponent, who could stand alone against the enemies of the crowd, and even beat them, using the ancient technique of the shackles of the keeper of the flame.
Ember Spirit
At a time when he did not participate in the battles, Xin wrote poems. His works have been as great as his deeds. There were years, Xin all fought and wrote poetry, but something did not give rest to his soul. He knew that once he was gone, and did not want his vast knowledge and secret techniques have gone with him to the grave. Therefore Xin began to teach those who need his help.
Settling into a fortress in the depths of the mountains whining, he began to gain young students and teach them the art of flame. He trained their body, will and mind. The essence of art is to give fire to become a part of you. Sam Xin reached such a level of skill that the swords in his hands literally burned and turned into pure fire, which will not only cut the enemy, but also brought them to ashes.
Ember Spirit
For many years he continued to train their students. With each generation it has got better and better at. The pupils became stronger, but he did not realize one thing, the will and the mind, he did not teach them discipline. Soon his students have ceased to listen to him and realized that they could compete with him. Breaking into the temple, when the teacher was meditating, they attacked him. The battle was long and fierce, but, ultimately, Xin was defeated and killed. His body was thrown into the fire, to leave only ashes, but the fire did not take it. It took a few days, so that he eventually became ashes. After that, the rebels scattered in all directions around the world, becoming excellent soldiers and commanders, and his loyal minions simply disappeared.
After many centuries, the teaching of Xin passed down from generation to generation, from grandfather to father, and from father to son. All would be well and continued, but this teaching somehow touched and the Great Spirit of Fire, which broke into the castle, burning everything behind, and ignited the remains of a great warrior, poet and teacher Xin. Remains started become hot, and gather together in a place where for centuries lay a handful of ashes, now stands a stern warrior in flames, wearing a red-hot armor and willing to not only fight, but also to teach those who are looking for a mentor. Spirit of Fire has given a part of himself and gave him new abilities, and now he lives in the body of Xin. Spirit Xin, in flames, ignite stronger every time he is ready to face the enemy. And to face the strongest of them, he went on a great battle field of ancient.

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