Dota2 : Chaos Knight High

Dota2 : Chaos Knight

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The ancient war between the Light and Chaos continues to this day. No mortal knows the real causes of this conflict, they only choose the side on which to fight.
Despite the fact that Chaos Knight – the embodiment of pure chaos, he pursues Light, because he broke the first agreement between the darkness, chaos, and light. He vowed to find and destroy the light.
Any world that comes chaos on his horse Armaggedon, doomed to suffering and death. Endless battle covered road rider. As soon as the light goes out in the same world, it appears in the other, and the chaos going on a journey.
Chaos can not be controlled, before him can only bow. Even the rider can not control Chaos Bolt, his behavior is unpredictable, it is not subject to any rules. It is pure energy of chaos, which carries only destruction.
To move between the worlds, Chaos Knight uses crack in space and time, the so-called rifts. You can not hide from death, which brings Armaggedon, Reality Rift overtakes the victim in any dimension.
Chaos is subject only to the occasion and luck. Chaos Strike action can not be calculated, it can kill the entire army to destroy the city and destroy the universe. In the chaos lurks unimaginable power.
In any of the worlds in which the rider has visited, he leaves a part of himself. That which touched chaos will never be the same again. Appealing to his power, hidden in Phantasm, Chaos Knight encourages his illusions with other measurements.
Anyone who fights on the side of Chaos must be prepared for the fact that it will absorb them. Shadow Demon learned not only afraid of the destruction of the rider, but also increase death around.
Chaos Knight are not afraid of neither light nor darkness, but Outworld Devourer will be able to dispel any chaos, it is the enemy of all the fundamental laws of the universe, he is not from this universe.

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